Lifestyle Sunday: Restaurant Review for IZU Brasserie

Do you remember when I reviewed IZU Bakery in City Walk? I said that I will be back to check out the neighboring Brasserie founded by the same Chef. Well, I visited IZU Brasserie for a late lunch on Friday. I’m so glad that I did.

IZU Brasserie, Dubai

I enjoyed the food and concept so much that I spent my Friday evening researching the Chef and Founder IZU. I found great reasons why I loved both the bakery and the brasserie.

What’s fascinating about this cozy and well-lit space is that it combines good food with positivity. I was thrilled to find out that Nigeria-born, UK-raised and French-trained Chef IZU valued positivity, gratitude and honest, real food.

Since I’m on a healing and recovery journey, my aim is to raise my vibration at all times. This includes the food that I consume and choose to put into my body. When any food is prepared, the energy of the Chef is naturally transferred to the food and eventually our bodies.

The Sri Lankan Chef trained with Chef IZU. He made my delicious Risotto and was very positive, friendly and kind. The cool thing about IZU Brasserie is that you can see the Chefs as they prepare the food. It is like you are literally sit facing the kitchen counter.

My choices

For starters, I had the beetroot salad. I also got the chance to try the artichoke salad which the Chef plated with my main.

Being naturally health conscious, and since I just went back to training a week ago, I decided to customize my Risotto!

I went for the seafood Risotto – made with tomato sauce – and replaced the seafood with the grilled sea-bass. The taste and texture were just perfect and I was very pleased with my order.

As everyone at IZU is super friendly, the Chef sent me a signature cheesecake to end my lovely meal with.

I would have preferred to sip on a nice warm cup of homemade caramel latte at the next door IZU Bakery. However, I had to rush to my much-needed spa appointment.

IZU Brasserie Overview

With authentic, honest food, a homely ambiance and extremely friendly and accommodating staff, both IZU Brasserie and Bakery will be on the top of my list for dining options whenever I’m in that part of town.

IZU Bakery is also available at Lafayette Gourmet at Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall.

Carine, Lighthouse in D3 and a new, Greek-Levantine restaurant opening this month in DIFC are all creations of Chef IZU and each brings something different and original to the table.

If you want to arrange a meeting with me, just head to IZU Bakery. We can have an engaging conversation over homemade caramel or chocolate latte.


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IZU Brasserie

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