Discovering Bali: Eating Out at KAFE in Ubud Bali


My last Reflective Tuesday post discussed consistency. I spoke about how I’ve only managed to achieve it in one area of my life. That’s health and fitness.

Benefits and Challenges of Travelling

Being a lifestyle blogger has it’s benefits, and challenges. When you are constantly exploring
new places and creating interesting content it’s difficult to stick to a specific place or have a fixed schedule.
Despite that, I’m glad (and a bit proud too) to announce that I finally found my favorite Ubud lunch spot. I’ve even made three recurring visits during my five-day stay in this mystical and hippie town! Yes, I can now say that I became more consistent in my daily life and habits.

Ubud lunch spot – KAFE

The first time I visited the two-floor street-side KAFE was with the My Chi Journey wellness retreat group. As usual, I was playing the leader role of the group of girls and giving them my Ubud lifestyle recommendations and tips. When I say first time I’m talking about this specific trip. I actually found out about KAFE from a friend and had been there several times since my first trip to Bali in October of last year.
On that day, I ordered the tuna salad with grilled vegetables and greens, which I really liked. But I would ask them to prepare my tuna medium to well next time, rather than just medium. On my next solo visit to KAFE, I tried the very nutritious and healthy super salad. It’s a colorful salad including a combination of wholesome super foods.
My new favorite and apparently best-seller salad at KAFE has to be the grilled vegetables and crumbled feta one. Not only is it super healthy, it’s also full of flavor and the miso dressing only enhances the taste further more.

Eating Well in Bali

Since arriving to Bali for my yoga retreat, I’ve avoided caffeine (except for the ginger tea at the resort). But I guess that doesn’t count as caffeine since it’s a purely fresh ginger tea without any tea leaves. On the day before my last day at the retreat, I was craving a coffee and I finally had my first iced soy latte with organic raw honey. That iced latte tasted so good after about a week of not having any coffee. It was the perfect way to end a fun, engaging and rejuvenating wellness retreat.
If you love grilled vegetables as much as I do, then don’t think twice before ordering KAFE’s best-seller salad. And if you have a sweet tooth, make sure to try their energy balls and healthy vegan desserts – they are simply divine!
Another tip for visiting my all-time favorite Ubud cafe is that you should aim to sit at the terrace on the second floor. You can get a seat there if the place is not too busy and it’s still relatively early. You can watch the world go by as you sit there enjoying your healthy and nutritious lunch or dessert.
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I’m going to be in the magical island until November 20, so there will be a plethora of interesting lifestyle reviews and informative travel posts.
Stay tuned for the next Travel Tuesday post about a very popular Ubud tourist destination.


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