Katamama Hotel in Bali: Saudi Diva’s Expert Review

Katamama in Bali

I believe in growth and evolution. That’s why, my days of staying at five-star, chain hotels are over. The time has come for boutique hotel stays and original experiences. And as you all know, I’m not someone who follows trends. So my choice is definitely not part of a global movement or personal phase. I choose to stay at boutique hotels for their unique design stories and memorable experiences.

Katamama Hotel

The first time I heard about the artisan-designed and built Katamama Hotel in Bali was while interning at Conde Nast Traveller Middle East in 2016. It was towards the end of my internship when the hotel had just opened and was listed in one of the magazine sections.
I recall reading a press release on their website and deciding that this was where I was going to stay when in Bali. What’s interesting is that I visited Bali twice after reading about Katamama Hotel before deciding to finally stay there on my third trip last November!
This hotel offers a blend of traditional artisan Indonesian architecture and timeless, innovative interior design. My favorite part is the vast collection of indigenous Balinese bricks that make up the main design feature of the property. This beautiful design is the creation of renowned Indonesian architect, Andra Matin.

Beautiful Moments

What made my Katamama Hotel days special were the daily long jogs along the pristine shores of Seminyak Beach. All I had to do was walk over to Potato Head Beach Club, and then find myself at the beach within minutes. To me, this was all I needed to start each day with a positive, clear mind and peaceful soul.
If you’re a foodie like me, then look no further than staying Katamama Hotel. The breakfast served at Movida Bali, the hotel’s main restaurant is simply the best that I’ve had during my entire stay on the island! There’s a great variety of breakfast dishes to choose from and they are all so good and made to perfection!

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On evenings I didn’t feel like going out, my Indonesian friends would visit me in the spacious and uber chic suite. We would hang out at the terrace or share a bite at the living room. I’ll be posting more pictures from my recent stay at this original Seminyak property on my Instagram. So stay tuned.
Until then, if you’re thinking of escaping to Seminyak, Bali and wondering where to stay, I have you sorted. You can thank me later!

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