Being a Diva: I’m a True Diva and I’m not Pretending

Some of you may already know me in person and are aware of my Diva-like attitude and ways. But I felt that it would be important for me to introduce myself to the readers who may not know me in person or know of me.

being a diva

Being a Diva

I’m a Saudi-born and raised Dubai-based blogger and writer. I also happen to be a spoiled brat and a real diva. Being the youngest of three sisters, I was always the spoiled one. But I was also a very rebellious kid, teenager and adult. This explains the Diva side of my personality.
Wherever I go, I like to be treated like a VIP and if I don’t get that or even worse, if someone disrespects me or belittles my big character, I take it to Twitter! Yes, I’m a real geek, what can I say!
My first degree was in Business Information Systems and I even worked in IT support in Saudi for a couple of years, before deciding to follow my passion and my love for writing. You can read more about My Story here.

My Diva Background

After completing a number of unpaid editorial internships in Dubai, writing two lifestyle and travel blogs and getting a journalism degree from Murdoch University, I decided that it was time to take my blogging journey to the next level and make a career out of it. I did set out to do something creative and fun after all. My first blog (Undefined Declarations) was a general lifestyle blog covering topics like food, beach clubs, events, spas, travel and some personal posts as well. My second blog (Saudi Diva) was focused more on luxury travel, culture and some wellness thrown in.
This brand new site is an extension of Saudi Diva. Through it, I aim to redefine the Arabic woman and what it means to be Saudi. I’m trying to explain to everyone what a Saudi woman is and what kind of lifestyle she lives. You might think, well not every Saudi woman is living in Dubai like you. And that’s exactly my point! I lived in Saudi until I was 29 years old. Then I took a huge leap of faith, packed my bags and left to the unknown.

I’m Limited edition

I must say that since leaving Saudi, I’ve grown a lot and evolved in so many different ways. And although I might not be that spoiled upper-class Saudi girl anymore, there’s still an element of that left in me. I still consider myself spoiled, privileged, a Diva and a limited edition 🙂
In the next post, I take you through the journey of how I left Saudi and how I got to where I am today.
We have an Arabic proverb that says: “El Thaltha thabtah.” It translates to: The third one is the definite one.
I hope that this will be true with my blogging journey. With my unique voice and story to share with the world, I hope that I can inspire more women to break any social or cultural boundaries and live their life to the fullest, because we deserve it.

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