Restaurant Review: Iftar Set Menu at Pai Thai Dubai


In my quest for Iftar set menu options this Ramadan, I came across Pai Thai at Al Qasr hotel. Since both my dad and I are huge Thai food lovers and since I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for as long as I can remember, it was natural for us to choose Pai Thai as our last Iftar dining destination. The last one before my dad leaves town that is.

A High End Restaurant

Dubbed as a romantic dining spot, this high-end restaurant has a peaceful outdoor water promenade setting. We didn’t think of sitting outside because it’s summer although the weather was surprisingly pleasant that evening. I still didn’t mind as the indoor seating offers a more intimate and calm dining experience with warm lighting and soft background music.

Iftar Set Menu

Starters in the Iftar set menu included a spicy beef salad, a grilled chicken Sate and my dad’s favorite, vegetable spring rolls. The main courses are quite varied and include a green chicken curry, a garlic prawn with green pepper sauce dish, wok fried beef in oyster sauce and stir fried vegetables, all served with a side of refillable steamed Jasmine rice.
The portions served for all the dishes were quite big and we couldn’t finish all. I found the cooking style to be a little Western as the majority of the guests at Pai Thai and the other Madinat Jumeirah restaurants tend to be Western expats or tourists.
There was only one option for the dessert, which I found highly disappointing. I was also surprised to discover that the restaurant doesn’t serve any type of Thai iced tea as in other Thai eateries. Despite having a great dining experience, I would’ve liked the food to taste more authentic. Another Dubai Thai restaurant does that very well and I will review it soon on the blog.

Another Visit is Planned

I plan to visit Pai Thai again sometime in October when my dad visits and to sit at the terrace for a different dining experience. In the meantime, stay tuned for more restaurant reviews and other interesting stories on my blog – Saudi Diva.
Pai Thai’s special Ramadan set menu costs AED 250 per person and the price doesn’t include water or tea/coffee.

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