How to Tune in to the Spiritual Messages Around You

We have another ten more days until the end of Mercury Retrograde. I can’t tell you how much I want this season to end.

We’re also in the Full Moon energy, and as much as I want to ignore these lunar and cosmic cycles, I just can’t because of the things that happen.

Let me share a few things that happened to confirm that it’s time for me to make a semi-move to Bali.

Spiritual Messages

First, I have neighbors that are very annoying, and their toddler is usually screaming and crying. It’s been about two years since they moved next door.

Then there was renovation in the apartment on the other side next to mine! The work has been going on for a month now.

Of course, there’s constant hammering and drilling noise. But I avoided the noise by going outside to get things done during the day. So I would say that the chaos was still there, but I managed to avoid part of it by spending the day outside.

The big thing that happened and led me to believe that the Universe’s way of guiding me to move to Bali was the water leak from my ceiling!

Last Thursday, I woke up at 6:30 am from the sound of water leaking. It turns out that the AC pipe broke and it caused water to leak from the ceiling.

Of course, I managed to get the technicians to fix it on the same day. But I now need to re-paint my ceiling because of the damage from the water.

Raising Awareness

I think that this incident brought my awareness that I must take action to start the process for the Bali move.

Interestingly, I already changed tickets to go to Bali, and I was planning to contact the visa agent.

But it was like the Universe pushed me to move forward with my plans and not procrastinate.

So I emailed the visa agent yesterday. I now have a list of documents I need to return to them.

The thing is that I’ve always had this six-month Bali move in my mind, but now is the time because I’m really being guided to take action and leave.

It’s fascinating when the Universe guides us to make big changes in our lives by showing us what’s no longer working for us.

I’m sharing this story to say that sometimes, bad things happen to us as a blessing in disguise. We’re being guided to where our dream life and person are.

If you’re not spiritual, I can share the story from another angle.

Manifestation is Easy When Everything Flows

When you live in a place aligned with your true self and your personality, everything flows, and manifestation is easy.

To me, that place happens to be Bali. When I’m there, my days flow with ease and grace. Everything feels aligned.

The laid-back lifestyle and pace match my personality and vibe. Everyone is friendly and smiling. Life is good.

I’ll end the story here and I want to know: What spiritual messages are you receiving to guide you toward your dream life?

Are you experiencing a series of negative or bad events? If so, what do you think you’re being asked to do?

I look forward to sharing more stories and insights when this Full Moon ends. Until then, take care and take things easy.



Spiritual Messages

Spiritual Messages from the Universe

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