How to See the Positive in the Most Negative Situation

After over a decade of living in Dubai, I finally found a daily routine that makes me feel good and matches my personality. Of course, it took a lot of healing work to get to this stage.

I recently joined a strength training gym. Although I have only had two sessions so far, I feel like I’m living from a higher vibration. I choose to join the 9:15 am class. When I’m done, I get a few groceries and head back home to shower and start my day. Yesterday was different because I had to go outside twice after the morning training to get things done. And next week will also be different when I start preparing for my next trip to Italy. But overall, I can see how adding a simple new habit to my daily schedule impacts my well-being and emotional health.

I’ll be sharing more about my new training routine in a future blog post. The gym is about 12 minutes away by car from my building. So I didn’t sign up there because of convenience. I manifested the place and the professional coaches. More about this story in my upcoming book – waiting to be designed and published!

What new, positive habits have you added to your daily routine? And how do you feel about the changes?

How a trip to a local roastery helped me decide to move countries

Before my recent trip to Italy (you can read about it here), I was exploring Dubai cafes that resonated with my personality and energy. I was looking for new places that I hadn’t visited before. I also discovered some cool breakfast spots and places that felt aligned.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I keep getting spiritual signs to move countries. Even this morning, when I got back to my hood after my training session, I saw a relocation truck parked at the roundabout near my building. So the Universe has been sending me clear signs to move countries, and I’ve been exploring my options.

My Malta trip last year was for that specific reason. I wanted to check out the island to see if it was somewhere I would consider moving to – it wasn’t for many reasons.

Since getting those spiritual messages, I’ve been following the updates in Bali. That’s the only place I can stay long-term without needing to work or study. Bali is a magical island that matches my personality 1000% – yes, it perfectly matches my soul essence and energy.

Although I knew I wanted to spend six months in Bali at some point, I didn’t have a definite date or timeline. I was simply going to follow the news and updates there to see when would be a good time to move there for six months. I share this piece of information so you can get an idea about the process of how I reached my decision.

Pay Attention to Spiritual Messages

For a couple of years, I’ve been getting spiritual messages to move countries. The signs are getting louder with each passing day!

About a month before my Italy trip, I visited a local coffee roastery in Dubai. I wanted to check out the place to see if it was somewhere that I would frequent for coffee or writing sessions. Then something powerful happened that made me decide to move to Bali the next summer without delay!

The Barista who served me at that coffee roastery was in an extremely negative mood and energy.  His actions reflected someone who’s totally in their mind and, to say it precisely: completely unconscious. He acted like a robot who didn’t want to operate but was forced to. It was the most misaligned encounter that I ever had in my entire life at 42 years of age!

The Barista was unhappy with his life situation. He was hoping no one would show up at the coffee roastery for a cup.

As a background story, I called that same coffee roastery about a week before my visit to ask if they served any food, and the woman who answered was super upbeat and positive! (I’ll explain in a bit who she was).

The Grumpy Barista!

While sitting in that empty coffee roastery/cafe and having my cup of coffee made by the grumpy and miserable Barista, I noticed another strange thing. There was another Barista (female) sitting in a closed glass-walled room tasting coffee and checking two devices simultaneously. I think she was glued to her smartphone and an iPad for the entire time I was there having my coffee (an hour).

As I observed my surroundings at this coffee roastery, I thought to myself: “What am I doing here?!” after this incident, I decided to move to Bali the next summer and not wait any longer! Powerful story, right?

How to See the Positive

The Universe is constantly sending you messages. Through images, song lyrics, words on people’s T-shirts and conversations (or, in my case, at the roastery, non-conversations). Your job is to practice noticing and develop your intuition.

What seemed like my worst Dubai coffee shop experience since I moved to the city in April of 2010 was inherently a blessing in disguise. If it weren’t for that negative experience at the roastery and bad encounter with the male Barista, I would never have decided to move to Bali (or anywhere else).

I chose to share this story with you to encourage you to not take all negative experiences or life situations for their face value but to look for the deeper meaning or reason they’re showing up for you.

Maybe you’re having such a negative experience with being pushed in the direction of your dream life? Maybe without this horrible encounter or life situation, you would never take inspired action toward your dream life?

I certainly know that this was the message behind my horrible experience at that local roastery.

And to explain to you, the cheerful and happy woman who answered my call when I rang the place before visiting handled my payment as I left the roastery. She was bubbly and upbeat in person too. And I told her that I remember calling and speaking to someone who was upbeat and happy. It was her. As I left the place, I wondered how she could maintain her high vibes while surrounded by grumpy, unconscious colleagues all day?

Vibration and Energy are Within Your Control

I guess she’s proof that vibration and energy are something you can control and no one can take away from you, right?

Now that I have shared my plan for next summer, I want to know: Where do you see yourself one year from today?

I know that I will be busy packing for a six-month island getaway, which is a decision I was forced to take!

Sending you high vibes from hot and humid Dubai! Stay tuned for more Alassio travel stories and another upcoming Italian destination travel story!

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How to See the Positive

How to See the Positive: Messages from the Universe

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