How to Let Go: You’re Exactly Where You Need to Be

how to let go

I’m back to my favorite Canggu cafe to write. I’m kind of sad because this might be my last visit to this chilled, retro-inspired space for this trip. As I’ll be moving to Seminyak on Friday, I won’t have time for cafe hopping tomorrow.

Bali – The Land of the Gods

As I sat in my comfortable corner, creating Insta stories and being silly, the idea of publishing a weekly ‘Wellness Wednesday’ post sparked. And what better place to start writing weekly wellness posts than from Bali, the land of the Gods and good vibes.
Today’s morning jog at Echo Beach, Canggu was different. Usually I simply jog until the fishing boats’ cutoff line and back, with a hydrating coconut water break in between. However, today’s refreshing water break was meditative and healing.
Having super comfortable bean bag seats right in front of the ocean only made the experience more special. As I laid there, sipping on my ‘not cold and not warm’ coconut water, taking pictures for my social media pages and taking in the healing sound of the powerful waves, I learnt how to let go. I was completely present in the moment and could simply be.

How to Let Go

I wasn’t trying to control the moment or its outcome (as I usually do in my daily life). I wasn’t looking for the next big thing to do on the island. There was no fear of missing out and for once, I was at complete peace with myself and my stunning surroundings.
It felt tranquil, it felt surreal, it felt out of this world. I’m usually always concerned with time management. I try to do as many things in any given time frame. Even as I sat on my heavenly bean bag facing the ocean, I still kept checking the time on my phone. I guess I was making sure that I don’t ‘overstay’ my coconut water break creating a clash with the rest of my plans for the day.
Somehow, the healing sound of the strong, powerful waves swept me away. I was in another state, where I can finally surrender to time and be completely present in the moment. I closed my eyes, felt my soul transcend to another space – a place where time and space don’t exist.
When I woke up from that brief, heavenly state of mind, I felt strongly rejuvenated and recharged. I was not only ready to continue my jog back to Batu Bolong Beach, but also looking forward to the next day’s powerful meditation session. I had learnt how to let go. 

Taking Baby Steps

Despite the fact that I would love to learn how to surf in Bali, I feel completely at peace with taking the baby steps towards that goal in my next trip to the magical island. The reason is simple: this time, I wanted to focus on blogging, the wellness retreat and spending time with friends. I just didn’t feel like adding more things to my plate.
So when I sat there on my comfortable bean bag, sipping on fresh coconut water and watching Canggu’s surfing crowd ride the high waves, I wasn’t jealous or envious. Because we are all exactly where we need to be at any given moment.
Today’s healing and rejuvenating meditation session at the beach was perfectly aligned with what my soul needed. What my mind, body and soul needs the most right now is to heal. To become whole again.
Next April might be a better time to learn how to surf. I’ll have a clearer mind, a healthier and more fit body and a less troubled soul. This means I’ll be more ready to receive and be open to life with all its beautiful opportunities for growth and evolution.

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