How to Heal: You Really Can Feel Better and Move on, Starting Today

There’s a New Moon in Scorpio tonight. How are you feeling?

I’m still feeling soft and vulnerable as I integrate the healing that happened in my last week in Malta.

It was a totally unpredictable form of healing. I didn’t attend a retreat or see a healer. All I did was choose to follow my intuition and extend my trip for another week. And I’m so glad that I did. Because that’s when I truly deepened my connection to the lovely island and its friendly and honest people.

I’ve already written a couple of posts about my experience and you can read the latest one here.

The latest story from Malta was about a three-hour solo hike that I did and how it made me reflect on our family conditioning, limiting beliefs and the things and people that keep us small.

How to heal: it can only Happen with People

I read a statement a really long time ago that said something along the lines of: What was broken by people can only be healed with other humans. Or something like that 🙂

I’ve attended a good number of intense, powerful group therapy sessions. Indeed, I’ve chosen a type of healing work that resonates with my soul and personality. However, I can say that what happened in my Malta trip was different.

What happened goes beyond what any words can describe. In three weeks, I managed to connect with others, make new friends and meet some really kind and emotionally healthy people!

It was as if the trip was a healing one to help me get closer to manifesting my dream life and partner. It truly was like that and more.

Towards the end of my first week, I met a really sweet and thoughtful woman at a bar on the same street as my hotel.

She was checking up on me daily. A transformative experience occurred after she told told me about the hike I went on. She even made time to meet me for lunch when she was busy with her own life and plans.

On another rainy afternoon, I met another good soul outside an Italian-owned cafe where were both sat. This was a powerful encounter for so many reasons. Anita comes from a medical background and works at a lab. She’s also highly intuitive.

We met twice through pure synchronicity. The second time was at the Valletta bus terminus while I was looking for directions. I actually approached her without knowing that she was the woman who I connected with a day or so earlier at the Italian cafe!

Since meeting Anita, we shared so many wonderful moments at authentic and cozy Valletta cafes and we had a lovely pizza dinner at Sotto Pizzeria one night.

I think the Universe really wanted us to meet and connect.

For me, it was a powerful healing encounter to trust in the human species again 🙂

And to know that since we live in a physical world, manifesting a partner requires some form of action in the physical realm!

Anita, being highly intuitive, could use more of her intuition and gut feeling to make decisions in her daily life.

What was cool was how she kept checking the weather for me to see if I can make plans for my Valletta stay!

Anita also supported me in suggesting some herbal medicines for my cold and in booking a PCR test before leaving back to Dubai.

I was honored to have met both my new friends in Valletta. I know that I’ll be back to Malta in 2023 to do the things that I missed this trip because of the rainy weather.

Damage and trauma that was created through people can only be healed with other people as well.

Stay tuned for another powerful manifestation story from my Malta trip – coming up on Monday.

What are your thoughts? Did you experience such magical and unexpected healing and connection with others? Do you have other tips on how to heal?

Let me know in the comments!


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