How to Create Space for your Manifestation

We’re nearing another Full Moon and I can already feel the dense energy.

I will keep this blog post short because I need to make lunch and I’m also feeling tired. How are you feeling?

These days, I’m exploring activity options in town to meet like-minded people. It’s always fun to learn something new and to meet new people. For now, cooking classes are at the top of my list. I contacted a few places and I might enroll in a professional culinary course once I publish my ebook.

A lot has changed recently and it’s time to adapt my lifestyle for the new changes.

First, I switched from a mostly plant-based diet to a pescatarian one. I never cut seafood (or meat) completely but I was getting vegan meals delivered for about five or six months. That meal plan subscription was the catalyst for my recent diet changes.

After suffering from continuous hair loss, gut and digestion issues, constant fatigue and low energy, I decided to end the subscription and to start making my own meals. I’m so glad that I made this decision because I can see how positively my body reacted.

If you’ve been following the blog, you will know that I’ve also been getting weekly IV drips to support my health and hair health.

Another way to adapt to my new self is to join local activities – which I’m still exploring. So far, I’m mainly interested in cooking classes to learn how to cook properly.

Everything that I learned in cooking was completely my own effort. But I feel like I’m now ready to take things to the next level.

What about you? Do you have any hobbies or activities that you would like to pursue?

Creating Space for your Desire

Although I was attending a couple of fitness and dance cardio classes in the past, I never really stopped to think of what kind of activity I want to do. Or what I feel passionate about. And this is because I had no bandwidth for this type of thinking.

If you’re still struggling to juggle career, personal project and health/wellness, then I can tell you that I understand where you are. I was there for the longest time ever. I know how it feels to have too many things going on for you and not know how to manage things.

The only way that I managed to create space for things like health and wellness, hobbies, activities, self-care, cooking my own meals is by doing the inner work to release the old energy.

You can choose to do the inner work on your own or you can choose to hire a certified coach for support.

The reason that you can’t manifest your desires like a fulfilling relationship and partnership is that you currently have no space for that in your energy field or life.

I know that for a fact because this is where I was for most of my life. Although I wanted to be in a relationship, there was really no space for it because I had so much baggage from my past and unhealed wounds that needed to be dealt with.

What’s interesting is that I wouldn’t even notice men when I was out and about. That’s how much baggage I had!

I couldn’t even be bothered with men or dating because there was simply too much trauma, unhealed wounds and issues to be dealt with.

Fast forward to today, after five years of deep healing and spiritual growth work, I now notice healthy and emotionally available men when I’m out and about.

It’s an entirely different feeling and vibration. Because I now have space for this part of my life to manifest and show up.

Remember, when manifesting, you’re simply revealing what’s already available for you in another timeline.

Sometimes, it’s not about creating something out of nothing. It’s all about releasing old energy and creating space so you can reveal what is already there.

I guess I can elaborate on this in a future blog post.

Let me ask you. How are you feeling? What courses are you taking? I know that my readers are curious types who believe in life-long learning and growth.


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