Wellness Wednesday: Heal Yourself by Saudi Diva Part One

The idea for this series of heal yourself posts was inspired by my personal experience and healing journey.

I strongly believe that healing is intentional. You must invest the time, energy and resources if you want to move forward in your healing and recovery. This is regardless of any type of abuse or dysfunctional relationship/life situation.

Healing is a very personalized thing.  There is no magic potion which works for everyone. There are no instant wonders that can erase all past trauma/pain in one shot.

Healing takes time. It can take years to recover from a toxic family background. It can take a lifetime to heal from the effects of other dysfunctional patterns and relationships. For example, like narcissistic personality disorder abuse.

The good news is that nowadays, there’s a plethora of useful tools and holistic healing resources. These can help us understand, analyze and eventually recover.

That’s why, I decided to share these posts. You’ll learn the effective tools that I’ve used to heal my past trauma and pain in a series of posts titled: Heal Yourself by Saudi Diva. These tips and tools have helped me heal and evolve into a better version of myself.

Heal Yourself with a Gratitude Journal

The first tool is: start a daily gratitude journal writing practice.

I’ve written about this topic in a previous post. I discussed how much positivity and synchronicity this simple practice has brought into my life. When you are grateful for all of the good things that you already have in your life, the Universe rewards you with abundance.

Likewise, when you don’t appreciate any of the gifts and blessings that you already have (including the ability to breathe), the Universe blocks positive things from entering your life.

What should I include in the journal?

When writing in a gratitude journal:

  1. Be thankful for the things that you already have in your life. These may include peace, prosperity, good health, freedom of choice, love, kindness, wisdom, confidence, self-love and self-acceptance.
  2. Express gratitude for the things that you’d like to have and would like to manifest.

Examples of expressing gratitude could be:

  • Tuning into the unconditional love and abundance in everyone and everything.
  • Re-programming the unconscious mind (it’s possible that you are on your path to achieving this).
  • Healing your inner child and being with a loving and supportive life partner and husband/lover.

When you include the things that you want to manifest in a gratitude journal it will help attract those things. You’ll ultimately turn them into a reality. How do you attract anything into your life in the physical world? Well, you must feel it as if you already have it and are experiencing it in reality.

Shift Your Reality

This practice is the first step in your healing journey. It will shift your reality and attract positivity and abundance into your life. The abundance will be in the form of magical situations, individuals and interactions. These will match the vibration of the things that you are trying to manifest.

I could share many stories about the positive effects of gratitude journal writing. However, I will leave them for you to discover for yourself. Start applying this powerful practice into your daily morning routine today.  Let me know all about the positive changes and shifts in perception you experience as you heal yourself!

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