From Mind to Reality: Unraveling the Power of Your Inner Dialogue

It’s my last day at the hotel before moving to an Airbnb in the same area tomorrow.

Many things happened in the first three weeks of my Bali move. And I will do my best to document the highlights.

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I’m feeling depleted today as I do at each full moon period. Luckily, I booked a 90-minute massage/foot reflexology for this afternoon.

Before I share today’s manifestation tip, I want to say that I’m excited about moving out of my luxury hotel!

There are so many reasons why I’m looking forward to leaving the hotel – although it’s the best in the area!

For one thing, there are a lot of guests from the Middle East these days. It feels like I’m in Dubai, and I’m not exaggerating.

Although I’m from that region, I don’t identify or relate with people from that ethnicity. A lot of this goes back to family trauma.

Another reason is that while it was great to have solid security guards at the main and back hotel entrances, I got to the point where I didn’t want to have a conversation because some of them liked to ask: “Where are you going?” every time I leave the hotel.

Here’s another major reason I want to leave – although it was great to be in the energy of my dream life, it also felt depleting to go to breakfast at a certain time. And this leads to today’s manifestation story!

How Our Inner Dialogue Shows up in our Reality

There are two main characters in this manifestation story. They’re both wait staff at the hotel’s main breakfast restaurant.

One is called Risa, and the other one is called Lewi. They both reflected sides of my personality or inner dialogue. Let me explain.

Risa would always look at me in confusion – she couldn’t understand how I was staying at the hotel and having breakfast alone.

She asked me once: “Are you alone? I thought you were with your husband. Don’t you feel lonely?”

After this conversation, I was confused too! Because I thought that I had done the deep inner work to make peace with being single. I didn’t expect someone to ask me this question because I thought that I was already happy and content with my single status. Wrong. That was just the part of me doing the inner work, not necessarily how I felt.

The other waitress, Lewi from Canggu, had a different response to my answer: “Yes, I’m single.”

She replied in a sweet and caring voice: It’s OK. And her words made me feel like being single was OK and normal. The opposite of how Risa made me feel: like I’m not good enough or weird to be having breakfast alone each morning.

Luckily, we have two breakfast spots at the hotel and I would alternate between the main one (where I met both waitresses) and the other independent one.

Here’s my analysis of why I attracted both these totally different encounters.

Because my self-talk alternates between feeling great and enjoying my life and feeling fed up of being single and doing everything alone, I attracted both Risa and Lewi.

So if you’re single and you’re feeling sad or lonely, just feel all your feelings and don’t push them away. Feel the shadow side.

And when you feel good, live your best life and act as if you already have your dream person and relationship.

Honestly, as a foodie, I never felt fed up of having breakfast alone at the hotel. I’m a real foodie and I don’t mind dining alone – even at fine dining restaurants.

But the interaction with Risa reflected the moments in my day when I do feel fed up of being single. The negative self-talk connected with being single and tired. I don’t feel lonely because I have two great friends in Bali that I spend quality time with.

Risa was also projecting her own loneliness and feelings of not being good enough without a partner. I know because I did this type of work myself.

So for her, seeing me have breakfast alone every other morning (with total peace and contentment) triggered a part of her that needs healing or work. My energy and state of being triggered parts of her that she didn’t really look into and it’s all connected to feeling worthy and lovable.

It’s getting late and I must head out for my spa appointment but to add to this story, a live band was singing the song ‘Flowers‘ by Miley Cyrus. when I headed out to the beach two days ago. It was a powerful confirmation that I’m at a good place of loving myself and knowing my worth.

More stories from magical Bali coming up this week – so stay tuned.

I will also share more news about my ebook and when it will be available for you all to buy.




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