Five Ways to Protect Your Energy, Stay High Vibe and Manifest with Ease!

Although I use the bubble method to protect my energy field every time I step out of my place, I still feel drained most of the time.

Being an empath, it’s so important for me to be mindful of the places that I visit and the people I interact with.

This morning wasn’t different. I left home feeling great and then I interacted with a few people and I developed a bad headache.

It’s also partly because I was sitting in a freezing cold Starbucks Reserve cafe for about an hour.

Whenever I create a poll on my IG story, I noticed that my community are always struggling to feel high vibe all the time.

So I decided to share my top personal ways to elevate your mood and stay in that state for as long as you don’t engage with toxic/negative people!

My Five Top Ways to Protect Your Energy and Stay High Vibe

  1. Daily meditation. Meditation is a simple but essential practice that truly makes a difference to one’s wellbeing and emotional health. My favorite type of meditation is silent meditation and it’s the best for strengthening your intuition.
  2. Step out of your head and into your body. This means getting active and moving your body in the way that resonates with your personality most. For me, that’s long walks, dance cardio and practicing mindfulness throughout my day.
  3. Limit your social media and news exposure. Be selective with the accounts that you follow and don’t stay tuned into the news or social media for the whole day. Choose to check your socials for a limited time and then do other things with your time. This applies to toxic people too. Eliminate anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself or life.
  4. Explore your hobbies and always have something to look forward to. This can be as simple as being excited about a new recipe that you will test or a new restaurant or cafe that you will check out. Life’s simple pleasures.
  5. Focus on the good and practice gratitude in each moment of your day. You can start by writing in a gratitude journal each morning for at least three months. This will help you get into the habit so you can do it naturally.

Why is Staying High Vibe Important for Manifesting?

The Universe speaks energy. This is why it’s so important to feel good to be in a magnetic frequency.

You can even test it by trying to manifest something small like a cup of coffee when you’re feeling really good.

It’s basically the law of attraction working for you. And because we’re co-creating with the Universe, you have to be in a high vibration to receive your desires.

These are my favorite ways to stay high vibe and they really work for me. I know they seem simple but they are truly effective and they work like magic!

Let me know what your favorite high vibe rituals are in the comments!


Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy, and Stay High Vibration for Manifesting Magic

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