Finding Hope When All Seems Lost: Embracing Life with Resilience

Last week’s Wellness Wednesday blog post was about loving yourself more and treating yourself with the kindness and love you deserve.

You could read it here if you missed it.

This morning was interesting. I was planning to go to a cafe to work from my laptop when the drilling noise started from the apartment next door to mine. They had written a notice on the door a few days ago to warn about it, so it was no surprise.

I was just grateful that I was already planning to take my laptop to work from a cafe and then go to the MacBook repair store.

But what followed that start to the day was also predictable. Because I was already in a not-so-great mood following the drilling noise, I attracted strange incidents. First, the cab driver that I took was negative and not in a good mood. Then, I went to a cafe I saw on Instagram, and when I went inside, it was dark. So it turned out that they had a power outage!

The cafe was also very small and not good for working from home. The neighborhood had congested traffic and noise. It was all a reflection of my original state of being when I left home: agitated and in a frenzied state, as they say.

Fast forward to where I am now. It’s a relatively new cafe Downtown located inside an art gallery. The place was packed and still is, but at least I found a spot on a long table, and the coffee here is great.

Today’s post is somehow related to today’s story. Because it’s about embracing life with all its ups and downs, it’s about living even when it gets tough.

And this takes me to last summer when I was in a coastal town in the South of Italy. It was a small town on the Cilento coast.

I stayed at a beachside hotel for ten days. This was a stay that I booked pre-pandemic times, and I couldn’t do until last summer.

Because I met a group of Brits who were also staying at the same hotel, I also met a couple through them. And funnily enough, that couple also booked the hotel before the pandemic and couldn’t stay until then.

What I discovered from the lady from the group who chatted with the lady from the couple was that the woman was in a toxic relationship with a narcissist, and then she met the new man. The woman had a ten-year-old daughter from the previous relationship, and now they were spending their vacation together as a new family.

The only thing I could think of was that both the woman and the man didn’t give up on love.

If they had given up on life or love, they wouldn’t have met each other and fallen in love.

I found their story inspiring, especially when I was embracing life, lying on my sun lounger, watching them play in the ocean.

I also observed how the new father was parenting the little girl about not having too many sweets at breakfast.

The unique thing about this story is that the man and woman were around my age or even older. So I felt like they were my future self.

When we have negative experiences with love or are faced with back-to-back disappointments, it can be so easy for us to feel discouraged and even to stop believing that love is in the cards for us.

That’s why doing the healing work is so important. Because without it, we can live in bitterness and have so many limiting beliefs about love and relationships.

Seeing that couple with their daughter was the highlight of that hotel stay. It reminded me to stay positive about manifesting my person and never give up on love.

I don’t know about you, but this was a very deep and profound message from my Italian summer getaway.

How do you feel about life and love these days? Are you feeling optimistic about manifesting your person? Do you have doubts about finding the one?Are youunlucky when it comes to love? Do you feel like you have many limiting beliefs about men and relationships?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy Wellness Wednesday from sunny and busy Dubai!




Embracing Life

Embracing Life: Don’t give up on life

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