Redefining Family Dynamics: Why Black Sheep Are the Real Heroes of the Family!

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So, I’ve been enjoying returning to cooking since getting back from my six-month Bali trip.

These days, I make a smoothie or a smoothie bowl for breakfast and then one meal for my late lunch.

I’m happy to say that I’ve reached a really good stage in my culinary learning journey. I’m so proud of myself because I’m self-taught and follow only online recipes. A very long time ago, I used to watch cooking shows, but that was then.

It feels great to be one of those people who actually feel like they can replicate any dish they have at a restaurant—or at least try to make a homemade version.

I’m at a point where I avoid ordering food (unless I’m tired of washing dishes and cleaning up) and eating out. I prefer to make everything from scratch at home. I love this feeling.

I decided to check out a new speciality coffee shop that opened recently in Dubai. I usually go to Starbucks (because I like to be left alone and have my coffee in peace).

So, on Monday, I went to the newly opened Black Sheep Coffee in the Dubai Mall area.

Family Dynamics: If you’re the Black Sheep in your Family

I must say that being the black sheep can seem negative, but in reality, it’s a compliment and something to be proud of.

I truly think that black sheep children are the family’s heroes. We always speak the truth and stand by that truth no matter what.

We also move on from toxic family dynamics and create beautiful lives for ourselves.

Black sheep kids grow up to be brave, courageous and fearless adults. We are genuine gems and are good at saving ourselves and helping others.

So, if you’re the black sheep in your family, don’t be sad or embarrassed. Instead, you should be proud of yourself and what you’ve done to get to where you are today.

Black sheep are the ones who carve out a fulfilling and rewarding life for themselves after feeling inferior or alienated by their families in their homes.

We are also the healers who break the toxic ancestral cycle. That’s something huge!

I feel proud of being the black sheep in my family. I’m also grateful that my family’s black sheep status was the catalyst for me to create a new, positive reality for myself, away from the toxic and chaotic home environment.

Are you the black sheep in your family? How did you overcome being the odd one out? Are you still living with your family, or did you manage to leave?



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