Travel Tuesday: Exploring Tuscany – Montepulciano, Montalcino & Pienza

In my latest Lifestyle Sunday post, I reviewed La Grotta – a legendary, classic Tuscan restaurant in Montepulciano. Exploring Tuscany was a true delight.

The day that I spent exploring that area of Tuscany felt like a fairytale. Everything exuded rich culture, history and untouched, beautiful landscapes.

Everywhere I looked, there were expansive patches of vineyards and cypress trees. While driving throughout the area by car, we stopped to take pictures with the stunning, natural backdrops. My tour guide explained to me how the colors of the landscapes change with the seasons. Renewal is a natural process of every being.

Before our special lunch at La Grotta, we went for an espresso and some exploration in Montepulciano town. Being a coffee lover, I wanted us to have coffee again after lunch. We also ended our lunch with an espresso or cappuccino.

So, we stopped for another coffee break and for some walking around at neighboring Montalcino.

We only drove past Pienza.  However, it looked amazing. I would love to go back to that town on my next trip to Tuscany and explore what it has to offer.

My one tip for you would be to choose a spot where you can have a good cup of Italian coffee with a Tuscan hills view.

That’s exactly what my tour guide and I did. We spent about 30 minutes sitting at the spacious terrace of a newly renovated restaurant/cafe. We sipped our coffee and took in the breathtaking view.

What made my day exploring this part of Tuscany perfect was the fact that it was sunny and breezy. The best weather for walking around old, historic and medieval Italian towns.

Stay tuned for future Travel Tuesday posts from my memorable Tuscany getaway. Also, follow me on Instagram for new travel content.

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