Evolution of the Soul: Why I’m not looking for a Man


It’s been one year since I visited a very popular psychic in Dubai. She gives people detailed insights about your past, present and future life. She does that by simply reading your face and energy. All you have to do is sit there in a peaceful state of mind so she can read you well.

My Evolution

Being 37 (in exactly one month) and single, obviously my main concern was my love life and whether I was going to die alone and miserable. Luckily, she assured me that I won’t. She said that I will meet my twin flame somewhere overseas (not in the UAE). She even went on to predict that I will have a daughter!
Now I have a confession to make. Despite the fact that the highly talented psychic told me not to look for that man, I didn’t listen. Well maybe I did for a couple of months, However, then I started to worry again and went back to my old habit of investing effort into ‘looking’ for Mr. Right. I found myself trying to search for this twin flame who she spoke about. She said that he will be like my reflection, that we share so many things in common including our adverse childhoods and backgrounds.
She also said that if I look for him, I will basically block him from appearing in my life. Of course that’s the last thing that I would want to happen, but with my age and living alone in a city like Dubai, her advice only lasted a few months.

The Psychic Was Right

There was another reason I was investing energy into looking for a partner. Throughout my entire life, I never paid much attention to meeting anyone or went out of my way to search for a partner. I always thought that I should focus on my own life and along the way, a compatible person will appear.
But when I found myself 35 and single, that’s when I think I started to panic. Not because I want to have kids and start a family before it’s too late. But, because I don’t want to be lonely and miserable for the rest of my life. A month before my 37th birthday, I decided to stop looking. Yes, apart from checking Bumble app every now and then, I won’t be investing time or energy into finding a life partner. I think I’m beginning to realize that the psychic was right. She said that looking for him will only block him even further.
Instead of investing energy into that area of my life, I will focus on my evolution. This is my growth, personal development, healing, blogging, book project, travel and connecting with others. I believe that it makes total sense to work on myself and sort out my own issues before looking for someone to share my life with.
I’m truly excited for this new era of my life and this renewed perspective. Life is all about evolution. It’s about discovering your purpose and helping others along the way. I feel ready for exactly that.

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