Evolution of the Self: Why Am I In Transit?


Since coming back from my second Bali trip, I’ve been feeling different.

Evolution is Happening

Basically, it has become challenging to leave the apartment and interact with others in public places. This doesn’t include close friends of course. Just random people at the store or sales staff.
The truth is, I’ve been making my own meals at home since the beginning of Ramadan. And for someone who used to eat out all the time, this is a huge accomplishment! I’ve even taken this major change to higher levels when I shopped for groceries yesterday evening just so that I could make myself something to eat. So instead of ordering in or getting takeaway from the nearest restaurant, I actually went and bought the ingredients required to make a proper meal!

Why Am I In Transit?

If you’re wondering what inspired the blog post title and why I feel like I’m in transit when I’m making great progress in the cooking and preparing-my-own-food area, let me explain…
The reason for my current unstable status is the fact that I feel like I’m literally in transit between different lifestyles. In the past, I wouldn’t pay much attention to exercising daily or the people who I spend time with or how I would spend my weekends and free time.
These days, I find myself making a conscious effort to go for a walk after having a substantial meal, avoiding being inactive for long periods of time, thinking twice before arranging a meeting with anyone and working on a number of projects to integrate fun activities into my weekends.

A Renewed Me

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always been into self-discovery and personal evolution. But this feeling is unique. I feel like I’m gradually evolving into another personality, a renewed me. Once I arrive to that place, I won’t be the old person with a passion for self-development and constant change.
I will be the new me, who has changed and developed into a more active, productive, positive and resilient character. Nothing and no one will be able to burst my bubble of good vibes and peaceful energy.

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