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Life Updates

The Full Moon on the 24th is already showing us its face with the strong shift in energy.

I’ve been having back-to-back thoughts about memories where I felt disrespected by random people. This is pure full moon energy, and it’s here to help us process and release these old emotions.

I’ve also been listening to Norah Jones all morning. Her melancholic voice matches how I feel with the next full moon approaching us. Sad and vibrating on a low energy.

How are you feeling with this full moon energy showing up in our lives?

Part Three of my Bali Move

If you missed part three of my six-month Bali move, you can read it here.

In that month, I was still staying in Seminyak and spending time with my two close friends and the Balinese family. Life was good.

I like to call the Seminyak months the introductory, easy ones. This was before all the healing integration happened in Ubud!

Everyone knows that Ubud is the healing center of Bali and I was strongly reminded of this when I stayed in the mystical, inland town. I’ll share my Ubud experiences in this series’s next Travel Tuesday blog post.

Today is all about my time in Sanur, where it all started.

Sanur, Where It All Started

After almost three months in bustling Seminyak, I moved to Sanur for three weeks. I think I just saw a cool hotel that I felt was a good choice and decided to book it and spend some time in that town.

The Sanur stay timing was perfect. Right before moving to Sanur, one of my credit cards (with the bigger limit) was blocked by my bank for security reasons. The blocked card was the one I mainly used for booking my hotel stays in Bali. So, at first, I panicked.

I spent a lot of time exploring options to get a replacement card delivered to the HSBC bank in Bali or sorting out the issue. However, in the end, I simply chose to rely on my other credit card, which had a lower limit.

My Sanur hotel choice was perfect because it was a very affordable and new, modern hotel.

Sanur is a sleepy fishing town, and there isn’t much to do there. There’s a paved boardwalk near the beach where you can go for long walks. There are many cafes and restaurants, but the standard is not comparable to Seminyak or any other popular Bali town. It’s very average and even below average.

Going Full Circle

The interesting part about my Sanur stay is that it was the town I stayed in back in 2016 on my first-ever trip to Bali. I stayed in Sanur for a week before going to Ubud for a wellness retreat. This was my first trip to Bali and the first town I visited and stayed in.

Returning to Sanur felt like going back full circle to where my Bali journey started. Sanur is where I met an American female solo traveller who introduced me to my first Indonesian friend (Ceria).

Although the town changed a bit, in my opinion, post-pandemic. For example, the beach sellers are now very aggressive and harass you when you walk at the jogging track.

The same goes for the transport people who always stand in front of the hotel or on the sidewalk. They are so aggressive that they ask you if you want transport from the other side of the street! And, of course, they do it in a very aggressive way.

During my three weeks in Sanur, I tried mixing things up by exploring other nearby towns. Seminyak was always on the list for catching up with the Balinese family, while Ubud and Uluwatu were perfect for sorting out my next hotel stays. You see, I didn’t want to rely too much on my credit card, just in case it decided to act up or get blocked by the bank. Plus, it was a nice escape from the constant hustle of beach vendors and tour guides!

Everything is Connected

But I must admit, initially, I was a bit unsure about my decision to stick around in Sanur for so long. With all the amazing places to explore in Bali, I wondered if I was missing out by staying put.

At one of the local coffee stalls, I spotted a sign that boldly declared: “Everything is connected.”

That’s when it hit me! I realized that Sanur played a major part in my healing journey. Indeed, everything is connected! Sanur is where I met a solo traveller who connected me to my first Bali friend, Ceria. And that friend connected me to my second Bali friend, Vanessa.

If you think that’s something small, then it’s because you might not know what it feels like to grow up with adversity and not know how to connect with others on a deeper, human level or form healthy and real friendships.

Another important role that Sanur played is that the town was essential for me to know where to go next. While staying in Bali for six months, I booked the hotel stays and decided where to go next based on the spiritual signs I received.

Reading the Signs

On my first full day in Sanur, I went to the hotel reception desk to ask them about art or photography events in town (since it’s an art-themed hotel and hosts ongoing art exhibitions in the hotel lobby).

The front desk person I asked didn’t have much to share, but the lady who checked me into the hotel said, “Uluwatu”, with a strong, convicting voice as if that’s where I should be right now!

I immediately took this as a sign and searched for Uluwatu hotels to book. But after Sanur, I stayed in Ubud for three weeks before heading to Uluwatu. I’ll share more about this in next week’s blog post. Be sure to sign up for the blog for updates and announcements about my ebook release.

I want to assure you that you’re already on the path to manifesting your dream life. And that you can trust that even the bad times are leading you to that life that you’re creating for yourself.

Although my Sanur stay wasn’t that interesting or worthwhile, I knew it played a big part in my Bali journey and supported me in manifesting my dream life. So, let me ask you. Do you believe that everything is connected?



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