Emotional Avoidance: Which Emotion do you Mostly try to Avoid?

This morning, I manifested a new fitness studio in the neighborhood where I go for my weekly grocery shopping.

Although the story is about manifesting, it’s just so good that I have to share it with you today.

Basically, I’ve been going to this small community mall in a neighborhood that’s not close to where I live.

Empath Living

As an empath living in a busy city like Dubai, I tend to look for places that are less crowded and where I feel welcome. So I’ve been going to this specific community mall once a week for about a year. I usually have coffee at a cafe in the mall before I go for my main weekly shop. Since ending the meal plan subscription, I now make several store visits a week but I only go to this store once a week as it’s not near my area.

After I was done shopping, someone who’s promoting a new fitness studio approached me and asked if I was interested in joining their new gym.

At first, I asked him if they had any dance cardio sessions. But when I learned more about the concept of the studio, I realized how amazing and powerful this manifestation was!

The fitness studio is focused on functional training in a group setting. They promote it as affordable personal training. The reason I liked the idea and signed up for their membership (once they open), is that I don’t like training with a PT one-on-one.

I already tried training with a female PT for about a year and it got really boring. What’s also cool about this studio is that they change their workouts every three weeks and they can personalize the exercises to suit your needs.

I’m so excited to try out their classes, especially since I gained so much weight in this pandemic season and it’s been challenging to loose it.

I also love how I manifested this studio at the perfect timing. Summer is almost here in Dubai and this means that I won’t be able to walk outside as a form of exercise. So while I enjoy walking and I’ve been doing it for most of the winter, I’m so grateful that this studio is opening so that I can swap my weekly walks for a real workout session with professional coaches.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress on this and if the workouts help me loose my belly weight.

Emotional Avoidance

What emotion do you try to avoid the most?

Today’s topic is related to feeling all your emotions, including the negative ones. Sometimes, we do everything we can to avoid a certain emotion but the Universe wants us to feel it. Because experiencing all your range of emotions is a gateway to spiritual growth and manifestation.

Let me share with you the main emotion that I do my best to avoid feeling: disappointment.

Because I was raised by parents who didn’t know how to show unconditional love, which led to a series of relationships with people who replicated that emotional unavailability, I was left feeling disappointed in others. And it kept happening over and over.

That is of course, until I did the deep inner work and started to attract a different energy and types of people.

Until today, I do my best to avoid feeling disappointed in my daily life. Things like checking Google reviews of any place that I plan to visit or experience. Overthinking simple decisions like where to go for coffee or breakfast. Just because I don’t want to be disappointed another time.

How to shift this pattern?

One way that helps me stop focusing on being disappointed is by tuning into my intuition and connecting with places and people who resonate with me the most.

For example, I recently manifested a professional clinic where I go for weekly IV drips. The staff are so welcoming, warm and friendly.

Since this connection feels aligned and good, I don’t think about or worry about disappointment. In fact, I trust that the doctor and nurse will take care of me in the best way possible.

This is not to say that I didn’t read Google reviews of the place before deciding to visit (of course I did!), it just means that once I felt the positive connection and alignment with the place and the staff, I was reassured. I tuned into the energy of trust as opposed to fear.

What emotion (or emotions) do you do your best to avoid? Let me know in the comments.

What did you manifest lately? Let me know.

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P.S. I didn’t write any new blog posts all of this week because the energy was still intense. How are you feeling?


Emotional Avoidance

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