Embracing Self-Actualization: Unveiling the Power Within

I don’t know about you, but I still feel the impact of the last Mercury Retrograde. The post-shadow phase ends at the end of May, and I can’t wait for that day.

It’s been a crazy and wild period – with so much shedding and clearing of old energy. So I’m also grateful for all the growth and breakthroughs.

I’m also excited about my six-month Bali move and counting the days till that day! It’s a big decision but one I’ve had on my mind since I first stepped foot on the magical island.

Do you feel like you’re being called to do something entirely outside your comfort zone? If so, what are you waiting for?!

Whenever I ask someone whether they have a specific place that makes them feel alive, they do not seem to have an answer.

I can tell you that my answer came after a decade of solo travel and multiple trips to Bali during pre-pandemic days.

There’s something about that place that matches my personality and lifestyle. I love the slow pace, the friendly people, the daily offerings, the weekly Balinese ceremonies, the long beach walks and just not worrying or thinking about a thing!

I’ll share stories from Bali and might even buy a new iPhone before leaving. That way, I can have a UAE and an Indonesian number.

If you still don’t have a place that matches your true self, I truly hope you can travel and explore destinations until you find your special place.

The other weekend, I went out for breakfast with a friend at an Instagram-friendly spot.

Although the service was terrible and it took ages to get our first dish from the five-course brunch, we had a good time.

The surprise – and the main reason I was there – came at the end of the brunch when I ordered the coffee that’s part of the brunch package.

The coffee mug had a quote that said: “I figured you were the one”

This beautiful quote marked the end of my inner work and healing journey. Because when you realize that you’re the one that you were manifesting all along and that you’re whole and complete, you basically reach the ultimate step of self-actualization and self-worth.

I felt so happy and grateful when I saw the quote, and it really made me feel that all the hard work I’ve put into my spiritual growth journey was worth it.

The friendly waiter asked my friend and me if we were sisters to add to my happiness and fulfilment.

He said our vibe and energy were great, as he could feel our excellent and happy vibes.

He said, “Keep shining bright and vibrating on a high frequency.

This was another positive and profound sign that I’d done much work on myself and my vibration.

Right now, it’s not about wanting or trying to manifest. It’s about allowing my new reality to unfold and show up.

You see, it’s already done. It’s just about letting it materialize and knowing that it will.

Of course, I’m referring to meeting my person. At this point, there’s no more manifesting or trying to manifest. It’s done.

All it is for me to do is live my best life and allow the new timeline to materialize and show up in the physical world.

So excited to share with you raw and beautiful stories from mystical Bali.

Stay tuned, and I will speak to you tomorrow!




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