Quinoa Recipe: You’ll Love This Healthy Bowl


Do you like Quinoa? Well, since returning from Bali, I’ve been aiming to practice making my own healthy bowls at home.
You know, the ones that you get at Canggu’s top organic cafes and restaurants. They are just super nutritious and tasty!
I thought that the slower pace of Ramadan would be the perfect time to spend some time in the kitchen and brush up my cooking skills. Eating more healthily in Ramadan can be easy once you invest time and effort into making your own meals at home.
I truly believe that the holy month offers an opportunity for us to get back to basics and recharge with fresh, healthy dishes.
For today’s healthy bowl, I used the following ingredients:
A base of baby spinach, yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes, red onions, avocados, quinoa (ready-made form the deli counter) and some red chilies for extra flavor. I kept the dressing light by using rock salt, freshly grounded black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.
Being a real foodie, I had to team up this simple and healthy salad with a side of Foul Mudammas. Yes, I actually made some fava beans and had them with the quinoa and some olives
I’ll be sharing more easy and quick healthy recipes as soon as I make them, so stay tuned for more Ramadan Iftar inspiration!

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