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Bali inspires me in so many ways. It’s easy to be a digital nomad here. Not only does it inspire with its friendly, smiley faces and the slower pace of life, but also with its scenic landscapes and picturesque views.

Beautiful Canggu

As you may already now if you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’m currently spending two chilled weeks in my favorite Bali area – Canggu.
With its lush rice paddies (which are within my arm’s length as I write these words), the shimmery black sandy beaches of Echo Beach and its plethora of healthy, organic and vegan cafes, to me, Bali’s coastal hip surfer town is truly heaven on earth.

Digital Nomad Living

I sit in the outdoor area of my new favorite work space, Balifornia Republic. I gaze across at the lush, green rice fields and I’m instantly inspired to write. It’s a cloudy day and the weather is just perfect.
I can now finally say that I’ve managed to have some consistency in my life. Yes, it’s my third visit to this uber cool retro California-inspired surfer cafe with a stunning rice field view. I have no plans of going anywhere else to work whilst I’m in Canggu.

Balifornia Republic

Balifornia Republic is the epitome of good vibes and retro chic style. Whether you choose to sit inside or outside, you’re destined to have a great experience. The first time I visited with my friend Ceria was by pure coincidence and sheer luck! We were driving along the road looking for a good coffee spot with a view and came across this cozy little corner cafe.
The music playlist at the indoor area is epic. It will help you to effortlessly tick tasks off of your to-do list. Sitting outside offers a breathtaking view and some fresh rice fields’ air. I’m so proud to say that consistency is gradually but surely making its way into my daily life and habits.
Digital nomad living can be lonely at times, but with a view as stunning as the one from my outdoor Balifornia Republic table, I can definitely find myself at peace with blogging daily.

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