Desires vs. Needs: The Art of Manifesting What Truly Matters

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I wanted to share about the last Full Moon in Leo and how that energy impacted me. That full moon had a very dense energy, and I can feel it still lingering because of many things. Like each full moon, weird and chaotic things happen. But to add to the chaos, I experienced a horrible headache and nausea yesterday for no reason. It felt like I was purging old energy from my physical body. It was very unusual since I only eat at home and make my own food these days.

I honestly can’t wait for this energy to pass. Today should be the last day for the full moon energy. How did you feel in the past week or so? Did you experience any breakthroughs?

If you missed last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post, you can read it here.

You Manifest what you need, not what you want.

Yesterday, I wrote a new Dating Sunday blog post on my Soul Collective blog. You can read it here.

The topic was about meeting men in real life for dating, and I was asking whether this strategy has worked for you in the past. I love meeting people in real life instead of using dating apps.

The thing is that although I spent six months in Bali, I wasn’t approached by anyone or met anyone interesting. I think that there are many reasons for this, and I will share some in the blog post.

While a major part of my Bali move was meeting men in real life and having successful dating experiences, I manifested another powerful experience: inner child healing.

Desires vs. Needs

As I shared in previous posts, I met a lovely Balinese family who felt like home to me. Their four-year-old daughter was a real joy to spend time with. If you want to know more, head over to my Twitter page where I share more photos from my time with the Balinese girl and her family.

The truth is that although my intention was to manifest successful dating experiences, what I ended up experiencing in Bali was what my soul truly needed. And that’s to heal my inner child and to integrate that healing.

Throughout the six months, I was reminded of how children play, and I got to play with Gladis too. We went down the slide at playgrounds, watched cartoons on TV, ate ice cream together and did so many fun things that kids do. It was pure bliss.

So, I wanted to share this story as a reminder that you’re always manifesting your dream life. Even when it seems like you’re not, it’s just that for some of us, the phases can take longer than others.

So hang in there and trust the manifestation process.

If you enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments. And feel free to ask about anything that you’re struggling with when it comes to manifesting your dream life or person.



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