Dating Myths: Why “Love will Find you” Isn’t True

Because I grew up in a toxic home environment, finding love wasn’t on my priority list.

First, I had to figure out a way to leave that toxic home and then of course find my true self and heal.

I was never someone who looked for a partner or a relationship. I believed that if it was meant to happen, then it would.

I’m sure many of you still believe in this notion of ‘love will come when you’re not looking’.

Let me share with you that in the last decade or so, I must have gone from looking for love to believing that it will just happen and then back, about ten times.

Dating Myths

There are a couple of reasons why this statement of ‘love will show up when you least expect it’ doesn’t serve anyone.

First, one of the main steps of manifesting using the law of attraction is taking inspired action.

This means that you need to follow your intuition and the spiritual messages to take some kind of action.

Another reason is that I’m reading a science-based dating book that states clearly that this statement is a myth.

Third, don’t you think it’s cooler to be in the swing of things and know what you’re doing?

Being a life-smart person who’s manifesting a life-smart man, I want to be taking action towards this important part of my life!

And I want the man to be the type who is dating around and who knows what he’s doing!

So, I’m writing this post to encourage you to take inspired action to manifest love.

I know that my posts and content is focused on the manifestation and spiritual side of things. However, we are physical beings and we need to take action in the 3D world too!

It’s OK to take breaks from searching when you feel like you need to, but don’t stop permanently.

I personally am going back to dating by joining a paid dating site on Valentine’s Day. What about you?

These days, I’m sharing the five main scientifically-proven ways to meet a partner on my Instagram stories.

Follow me on Instagram to be in the know of what these methods are and to start making things happen in your love life!


Dating myths

Dating myths: Love will find you is a myth

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