Reflective Thoughts: Connected or Detached (Part One)

Connected, aware, streetwise, life smart, integrated, savvy, in the know.
Isolated, withdrawn, out of touch, living in la la land, ignorant, naïve, gullible, in their own head.
The above adjectives can be used to describe a person at any point in time.
Since I have so many thoughts and reflections about this topic, I decided to just start it and delve deeper in a future post.
Where do we draw the line between being well-informed and connected and staying true to our values and belief systems?
What’s the real cost of being knowledgeable about what’s happening in the world and our community?
Do we need to be selective with our social support systems and to what extent?
Should we interact with others from completely different backgrounds and lifestyles?
What can we gain when we shut ourselves and choose to live in isolation?
I will end the post with these pondering questions and will get into the topic in details in future posts.
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