Comparing Yourself to Others Doesn’t Work. Focus on your Vision Instead.

I’m so excited to share with you my e-book on manifesting love once it’s ready. I’m in the early writing stage and you can sign up to stay updated by going to this page.

The reason I’m excited to share this piece of work with you is that I would love to read an honest book on the topic of manifesting a partner.

And this is exactly what I wanted to share with you today. How a lot of information on manifestation and law of attraction can be misleading and even harmful. I know because I used to follow it.

I remember speaking to a body works therapist about manifesting a partner. This was back in December of 2019 – after I did inner child therapy work. I was sharing with her my intentions for a partner and how it’s been a while since I started using the law of attraction.

As a mature and wise woman, she genuinely replied that manifestation takes time. These so-called manifestation experts don’t tell you the truth. She basically said that everyone has an agenda and this is why they aren’t honest about the whole process.

And that’s the gap that my coaching and e-book fills. Because I’ve been on this manifestation journey for some time, I know how frustrating it can be to have experts tell you that you can manifest in 90 days or less. Although it’s true that you can, the person who you manifest in 90 days might not be the one for a long-lasting relationship.

You can manifest a good match in 90 days but it could be a lesson for you on the way of manifesting your person. Or it could be that the person isn’t interested in a long-term relationship.

This is what makes my coaching unique. I don’t give anyone false hopes. I share the steps that have worked for me and my journey so far. Raw, honest and with no agenda behind it.

Back in April, a friend was visiting town and she said something that I realized was a message from the Universe for me. She was sharing with me how she has a friend who constantly listens to podcasts and how she feels that it’s not healthy to always be on the lookout for information and knowledge.

I replied that I agree and that I like to take breaks from podcast shows on weekends. But most recently, I’ve been listening to music instead of podcast shows and I feel great!

Your Future Self

The truth is that my future self is already living her best life and isn’t obsessed with learning the latest relationship and manifestation tips or trends. The old self – who feels uncertain about the process – is glued to these podcast shows for fear of missing out on important information or tips.

So think about your future self – the one who’s living her dream life and who’s already in a healthy and loving relationship.

How does she think? And how does she feel? How does she spend her day? Is she feeling anxious about manifesting a partner or is she already enjoying the dream life and partner?

I think these questions can help you decide on the emotional state that you live from each day.

Comparing Yourself to Others

I noticed that a lot of my friends and clients tend to compare themselves and their lives to others.

The truth is that each person’s life path is unique and you can’t compare yours to anyone else’s. It’s impossible.

So keep holding on to your vision and follow the spiritual signs and clues. You will eventually get there.

Let me know if you need any support in your manifestation journey or releasing your limiting beliefs.

Happy Wellness Wednesday!


Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing Yourself to Others: Manifestation Mistakes

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