Change Your Daily Routine to Manifest Clues and to Feel Good!

Before I got sick around Christmas time, I was treating myself for a nice breakfast at random places each weekend.

I’m someone who naturally loves to explore new places and have different experiences. It’s just who I am.

What’s interesting is that this trait is a major part of why I’m so confident when manifesting a partner.

When you constantly switch up your routine and do things differently, the Universe sends you clues about your manifestation.

Sometimes, these are reminders that your dream life or dream partner are on their way to you.

One thing to know is that the more your step out of your comfort zone and take bold steps, the bigger the clues and the louder the signs are!

Let me give you an example. About a month or so ago, I went for breakfast at a hotel located by the canal in the other end of town.

Because I don’t drive, I had to take a cab to get there. It was a twenty-minute ride.

I loved the food, the coffee and the service. And towards the end of my breakfast, I saw a major sign related to my dream partner’s main trait!

There was a couple who basically looked like my future self and life. It was so fascinating and powerful!

Then, I walked along the canal for a really long time and I came across a mini-mart. My intuition led me to go inside only to see all sorts of snacks and other stuff from my childhood!

When you’re close to manifesting your desire, things from the past start showing up for you.

It always feels so good to get confirmation that you’re on the right path and it feels exciting to see these reminders and clues!

When I was in Bali for two months earlier this year, I was seeing hearts and the word ‘love’ everywhere I looked.

Obviously, the more your step out of your comfort zone, the bigger and more powerful the messages!

These are real-life examples of what changing your daily routine looks like. This is so important when manifesting the big stuff.

You don’t have to book a nine-hour flight to an island like I did, but you can still do big changes to your routine while staying in your town. The same way I did with my breakfast choice.

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change your daily routine

change your daily routine to manifest faster

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