Bali Paradise? The Only Two Things I Don’t Like About Bali

.bali paradiseI must keep this post short. My Indonesian friend Ceria is on her way to my hotel to meet me. We’re planning to spend the day at a pool and go out for lunch and dinner.

If you’re thinking of visiting this Bali Paradise and have been following me on Instagram and Twitter, you would know how much I’m in love with this magical island, its people and rich, diverse culture.
There are two minor things that I don’t like about Bali and they mainly stem from a Diva perspective and these are:

Wifi In Bali Paradise

The Wifi in Bali and all of Indonesia is very intermittent and slow. It requires a lot of patience to be able to post pictures on Instagram or publish a blog post. This is something that any digital nomad should be aware of. Especially when considering to be based in the peaceful island for a couple of months. I think it’s a general problem in the whole country (as my Indonesian friend informed me), but it also varies from one place to another.

Mosquito’s in Bali

The mosquito infestation everywhere you go. I believe this is something that depends on a person’s body and skin type. Since my skin is highly sensitive, I find it very easy for me to get bug bites. They also grow significantly in size whenever I’m in Bali. Of course this gets worse when you’re staying at a resort in the middle of the rice fields or at a lotus pond facing hotel room. Nevertheless, this is not an issue that can’t be tackled or solved. All you need is some strong, spicy bug spray, in-room mosquito repellent and a lot of coconut oil to soothe those nasty bites.

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