Bali Getaway: Where to Eat and Drink in Seminyak (Part One)


Authentic Thai fare at Warung Siam in Seminyak

As I mentioned in my earlier post, what makes Seminyak an ideal place to visit for holiday or even to move to is its wide range of independent restaurants, bars and cafes. Despite having a long list of recommendations from friends and The Legian hotel where I stayed, I wasn’t able to visit all the places that I intended to check out. I was also introduced to another world when I met a lovely Seminyak-based jewellery designer who told me about all these cool spots that she hangs out at. Hopefully I’ll visit all those interesting places in my next Bali trip and I will of course document all of it on the blog.

For Lunch:

Warung Siam for authentic Thai food in a warm and cozy setting. If you’re a Thai food lover, then this spot is a must visit when in Seminyak. It seems that they have a branch in Ubud as well, but I can’t comment as I haven’t tried it. The Phad Thai at this lovely little Seminyak eatery is probably the best that I’ve had in my entire life! It was full of flavour, tasty, fresh and spicy (just like Thai food should be).


Authentic Thai fare at Warung Siam in Seminyak


A hidden gem in Seminyak, Warung Siam is a Thai food lover’s haven


Highly-Instagrammable interiors at Warung Siam in Seminyak


Authentic Thai food in a relaxed and warm space in the heart of Seminyak


Earth Cafe & Market Bali is a super healthy vegan and vegetarian cafe and shop in a busy Seminyak shopping street. The vibes at this bustling healthy organic cafe are so positive and the food so good that I visited twice during my ten-day stay. I also believe that if I were living in Seminyak, this would be my go-to lunch spot. The place is always packed and it can be difficult to get a seat, but I was lucky to find one on both visits. The green juice at Earth Cafe is unlike any other that I’ve had. It’s so pure and full of nutrients that you can actually taste the rich greens so strongly. The dishes are so wholesome and delicious that you will want to try every single item on the menu! I honestly can’t recommend this place more.


Earth Cafe Bali serves the best green juice in the island


Bright, airy and buzzing with positive energy, Earth Cafe Bali is a must visit when in Seminyak


Wholesome vegetarian and vegan fare make Earth Cafe a Seminyak hot spot


Earth Cafe Bali is a healthy food lover’s haven


For Dinner:

Chandi Bali is a legendary and top restaurant in Seminyak. It’s located on a main shopping street, so it’s very easy to get to. Yet, the place is very classy, sophisticated and serves the best Asian fusion food in the island. I would say if you could afford to dine at one high end restaurant in Seminyak, then Chandi should be your number one choice. I took some I-phone pictures of my appetizer and meal at the upscale dining spot, but I had to use flash since it was too dark. And so the pictures didn’t come out good enough to post here.

Located in a boutique hotel, Shiro sushi bar serves modern Japanese creations by a renowned Japanese Chef. Chef Hiroki Mimaki prepares perfect Japanese culinary creations in front of guests and serves the dishes to the bar where guests are seated. The interiors at this intimate space consist of intricate woodwork-designed walls and a matching warm ambiance. Here’s  a rundown of some of the dishes that I tried at Shiro Bali:


Shiro Bali offers an original fine dining experience


Miso black cod made to perfection at Shiro Bali


Watching Chef Hiroki prepare top Japanese culinary creations is an experience in itself


Exquisite intricate woodwork designs cover the walls of Shiro Bali’s intimate dining space


Shiro Bali’s concept is simple: top modern Japanese cuisine by a highly talented Chef


Creme Brule made to perfection at Shiro Bali


In Part Two of ‘Where to Eat and Drink in Seminyak’, I highlight the top places to watch the magical Seminyak beach sunset while chilling with a drink or two 🙂

Saudi Diva signing off XXX


Earth Cafe’s green juice is one of its top-selling menu items and it’s not a surprise!


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