Bali Getaway: Where to Eat and Drink in Sanur Bali

Sanur Bali

The most refreshing coconut water can be found at Warung Sanur Segar

There’s a distinctive vibe about Sanur Bali streets that you won’t experience in other areas in Bali. For me, the charming seaside village is an epitome of simple island life. The shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that line up the streets of Sanur are mostly independent or family-owned “warungs”. Warung in Indonesian means a small, family-run restaurant. I honestly loved trying out the various dining spots serving everything from local dishes to classic Western food.

Here’s a rundown of

Sanur’s best foodie spots:

Dusk Blue: This boutique/European style cafe is a must-visit. I went there twice during my seven-day visit and I couldn’t get enough. It’s a very chic, stylish and inviting space where you can spend a whole day reading, writing or watching the world go by from the beautiful terrace. Try their breakfast or the Nasi Campur – yum!

Sanur Bali

Iced Mocha at Dusk Blue – my favorite Sanur cafe

Another good spot for great coffee is Swedish-owned Cafe Smorgas. An American (originally Swedish) friend who I met in Sanur told me about this place to visit for coffee. It’s perfect for when you want to sit outside and just people watch. Unlike Dusk Blue, this cafe is located on a main street, so it has different vibes. Dusk Blue is more exclusive and sophisticated.

A local who I met at Kopi Kiosk (a tiny coffee shop that serves very strong coffee) – I don’t recommend going there honestly – told me about a creative working space called Rumah Sanur. I would definitely head there to write my blog posts or book if I were living in Sanur. They seem to regularly host live music events and other exciting stuff. Follow them on their social media to find out more.

NightLife Scene

Sanur isn’t just about cafes or creative spaces, there’s a buzzing nightlife scene too. But since I was on a spiritual journey to Ubud – with a stopover in Sanur – I wanted to just take it easy and prepare myself for the wellness retreat. One happening spot with live music performances on weekends is Soul in a Bowl. I even RSVP’d to an event that they were hosting on a Friday night, but I didn’t end up going. My American friend has tried their food upon recommendation from a Balinese girl and she said it as good. So I think whether you choose to visit Soul in a Bowl for lunch, dinner or drinks, you’re bound to have a good experience.


The local Starbucks in Sanur Bali is original

I wouldn’t suggest that you visit Starbucks while in Bali for obvious reasons. But that’s actually where my new American friend met a very friendly Balinese girl. And all three of us spent some time together in Sanur. So I would say maybe go there to try and meet friendly locals who can show you around town 🙂

For freshly prepared and home-style Mexican food in Sanur Bali, a visit to the town’s number one restaurant as ranked on Trip Advisor is essential! Warung Sanur Segar is a hidden gem and worth having a meal at.


The most refreshing coconut water can be found at Warung Sanur Segar

Warung Sanur Segar is a must when in the seaside fishing town. Here’s why:

  • The owner, Rayan prepares homely Mexican dishes from her kitchen using fresh ingredients.
  • She makes the food in a very healthy way and closes the shop as soon as she runs out of ingredients (which ensures that you’re only eating as freshly as possible).
  • The owner/Chef learned all the recipes for her dishes from You Tube! the Mexican-inspired creations taste like home-made food and reminded me so much of my childhood growing up in Saudi! believe it or not!
  • Warung Sanur Segar means family-owned Sanur fresh restaurant. The word Segar means fresh. Locally-sourced ingredients and the freshest coconut water that you’ll have in all of Bali!
  • Rayan, the owner and Chef is a very bubbly character and warm person who loves to entertain her guests as much as she loves cooking. She will talk to you about the importance of values, social issues and even her strong religious views 🙂
  • Try the chicken burrito and coconut water.
  • This is the best value for money that you can get in all of Sanur, if not Bali.
  • Warung Sanur Segar is open daily from 10:00 or 10:30 am until around 4:00 pm (or whenever the food runs out).
Sanur Bali

Warung Sanur Segar has an original concept and warm, cozy interiors


Home-made Mexican-style dishes at Warung Sanur Segar

Sanur Bali

Refreshing coconut water, engaging conversation and exceptional ambiance


Warung Sanur Segar is the charming town’s hidden foodie gem


Nothing like a home-style Mexican dish teamed with fresh coconut water in a Bali side-street


Rayan is an inspirational character who will make you visit the Warung again for another dose of Mexican food and good conversation

In the next post, I will tell you all about my life-changing wellness retreat in Ubud and how it inspired me to become a better person and make significant changes in my lifestyle and diet.

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