Bali Getaway: Bodyworks Bali Spa Seminyak


A tranquil and peaceful garden setting at Bodyworks Bali spa

Do you have the time to visit a one day spa in Seminyak? If so, it should be Bodyworks Bali Spa. The twenty-something year old spa is a Seminyak institution. The place is constantly buzzing with spa lovers (both male and female). It makes you feel like you’re entering someone’s house that’s always full of visitors.

The spa interiors are so warm and inviting. It can be too easy to mistake the spacious two-floor villa for someone’s place. Apart from the bright, airy and relaxed vibes at Bodyworks Bali Spa, the therapists here truly know what they’re doing. Being Balinese, they are all trained to give you an authentic spa experience in a tranquil garden setting. Trust me, this is the most original spa that I’ve ever visited. Just being there brings positive vibes into your soul and uplifts your mood.


Bodyworks Bali in Seminyak is a haven for spa lovers


Bright, warm and inviting, Bodyworks Spa has a magical vibe to it


Located over two floors, Bodyworks spa has a fully-functional salon too!

On my first visit to the spa, I did a full body scrub followed by a Balinese massage. And since I loved the experience so much, I booked another massage (designed to banish cellulite) and a foot reflexology session for my last day in the magical island. I have the price list and details of what I had done at home, so I will update this post later.

Update: The therapist that I recommend you book with is called Desak. She’s Balinese and is highly experienced. So don’t think twice, just book with her.

The treatments that I tried were the Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub, the Tension Release Massage and the Reflexology.

To be honest, the therapist who did my foot reflexology didn’t put enough pressure as I would’ve liked although I asked her to do a strong massage. So I would suggest that you stick to the body scrubs, massages and other kinds of treatments when visiting Bodyworks Bali Spa.


Foot reflexology in a peaceful garden setting at Bodyworks Bali

Bodyworks Bali Spa

Bodyworks Bali has to be the most original spa that I’ve been to in my entire life!

After visiting this legendary day spa, you will surely feel recharged and energized. And if you’re a real spa lover like me, you will even develop a strong obsession that will make you return for another relaxing experience before you leave the island!

Tip: There are a couple of chillout CD’s available at the retail section which are very original and will instantly take you to a Bali state of mind. I bought a few relaxation and spa music CD’s from various places in my trip, but the ones from Bodyworks were the most authentic and are the ones that I keep playing whenever my mood needs lifting.

Bodyworks Bali Spa

Bodyworks Bali is the ultimate day spa for unwinding and recharging

Whether you’re a spa junkie or simply looking for a relaxing day in a tranquil and peaceful setting, then don’t think twice about booking a treatment at Bodyworks and thank me for it later 🙂

Bodyworks Bali Spa

A truly original spa experience at Bodyworks Bali in Seminyak

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