Bali Experience: Days of Magical Moments & Healing

So I’m back in Dubai from my Bali Experience and I’m not excited at all about this. After spending almost one month on the magical island, it was even more difficult for me to leave Bali this time. I was dragging myself to the departure gate at Ngurah Rai International Airport. It was completely against my will to leave Bali back to Dubai.

Bali Experience

My Bali days were filled with magical moments, powerful healing and pure bliss and peace. Simple activities like walking along the beach or reciprocating a smile back at a local lady or child bring so much joy. After attending a retreat with My Chi Journey, my body, mind and soul feel cleansed, refreshed and rejuvenated. I feel more alive, connected and at ease.
Despite not finding a soul companion as I intended to before traveling, I still had memorable moments and met some very interesting and like-minded individuals. These experiences surely added to my personality and helped me expand into a more rich and whole person.
This week, I’m taking things slow. I’m trying to preserve as much of those good Bali vibes and healthy effect as I can by not getting back straight into my old routine. I won’t be going back to my Zumba class yet, I won’t be making any trips to the beauty salon anytime soon and I won’t be pushing myself too hard to accomplish anything. It’s time to reflect, plan and take things slow, very slow.

Living in the City

I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’m sure anyone who currently lives or has lived in Dubai will understand how fast-paced and stressful living in this city can be. As soon as I set foot in this dynamic cosmopolitan city, I immediately found myself in a different mood. It’s mainly a stressful, uncomfortable space where your brain won’t stop thinking and you have a million things to do and juggle each day.
When I’m taking a shower in my Dubai apartment, a million things run through my mind and I always have at least one thing that I don’t want to do each day. It’s that task that you really despise and it takes so much of your time and energy, yet it must be done because you are single and living alone in the city of fast business and skyscrapers.
I won’t talk more about how stressful my Dubai days are and the responsibilities that each calendar date carries. Instead, I will try to stay as positive as I can until my next Bali getaway. Yes, I’ve only been back from the magical island for one day and I’m already thinking about my next escape to that paradise.

Escape Destinations

What’s your favorite escape destination? How do you stay grounded and present when living in Dubai? What tools help you in staying calm and centered? How often do you get away from the stressful, hectic, modern city life? And where do you like to escape to?

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