Six-Month Bali Adventure: Part One – Luxury Living in Seminyak’s Best Hotels

Why was this Bali Adventure Different?

Right before writing this, I went through my phone’s photo album to choose pictures for this post. The photos of the Balinese kids I met in August (after this part of the Bali Move series) were so emotional.

I’ll share how I met the Balinese family and how they’re connected to my two close friends in Bali in the next post because today’s post is about the first part of my Bali move.

The people I met and connected with made this six-month Bali move special. I’ll share more about this in future posts from this series.

What Happened in Part One?

Let’s go back to when I was still in Dubai, planning this trip. The reason for this is that I want to share with you how I was spiritually guided to stay in the different towns that I stayed in.

So, Seminyak was my first choice for a Bali stay because I’m a real foodie and love long beach walks. That’s exactly what I spent most of my time in Seminyak doing. I love the ease of access to the beach, unlike a place like Uluwatu, for example (which I’ll get to when I share about my time there).

While in Dubai, I researched luxury hotels in Seminyak and ended up staying at Hotel Indigo Bali for three weeks. I’m an IHG Hotels member, so that was a good idea for getting loyalty points.

I also booked an Airbnb in Seminyak for the month of August (more about this in next week’s post).

I timed my Bali move so I could spend both my birthday and New Year’s Eve in Bali.

I celebrated my 43rd birthday at La Lucciola Italian restaurant in Seminyak Bali with my two close friends, Ceria and Vanessa. I love these two soul sisters so much. They constantly prove to me with time how real friends they are, and I appreciate their friendship so much.

My Thoughts on Part One

Although I had an amazing birthday celebration with my two soul sisters, my first three weeks in Bali were slightly out of touch with reality.

In a way, it was such a privilege to stay at a hotel with direct beach access. All I had to do was cross a small street to get to the beach! And I made the most out of this prime location by going for sunset beach walks whenever I had no plans to go out. And this was on most days. Yay!

But in another way, the hotel is part of a chain, making the stay feel impersonal and commercial.

I could share more about why I felt this way, but I don’t think it’s necessary for this narrative.

My first three weeks back in Bali after the pandemic felt like being a tourist again. I haven’t made the connection with the Balinese family yet. So there was a lot to be revealed in the next weeks.

Looking back at those first three weeks, I felt like I was living in La La Land. I like to call it being out of touch with reality. I guess that’s what luxury hotels offer. You’re not really connected to the island and its people. Just a tourist having a touristy experience.

I’m grateful that I celebrated my birthday with my two best friends. And that we had an amazing night out at a restaurant, followed by drinks at a cool speakeasy bar in Canggu.

I’ll leave you with some snapshots from part one. And trust me, the rest of my Bali journey is full of exciting and magical moments. A lot of truths about life on the island. So sign up to the blog and stay tuned for more stories from mystical Bali.



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