Anantara Restaurants: An Unmatched Culinary Journey in Maldives

anantara restaurants

Monsoon rains on a Maldivian summer night

One of the key elements of Anantara Resort in the Maldives, and why you should consider staying there is a good number and variety of high-end Anantara restaurants and bars.

Since the Maldives consists of multiple islands, when staying at a resort, you will most likely have a limited number of dining options to choose from at your chosen property. When staying at Anantara, these dining options are greater than at other resorts. This is because you get to choose between the dining options at both Dhigu and Veli Resorts.

Anantara Resorts – A Foodie’s Dream

To be honest, the standard of the food and beverages at this resort is at a level that exceeded my expectations. Everything was perfect. Whether you had Japanese, Thai or Maldivian cuisine, it was always prepared to the highest standards and with the freshest ingredients.

I couldn’t stop eating during my trip. It was heaven for a foodie like me! From breakfast till dinner, everything was just right.

When booking my package with Emirates Holidays, I went for the half board option. This includes the daily breakfast buffet and a three course dinner. You can choose to have dinner at any one of the Anantara restaurants located at either Dhigu or Veli.

This resort truly has an island life feel to it. As if you’re in a fiction novel or romantic movie setting. On the first day when I arrived to the resort, a ‘Barefoot Cocktail’ party was taking place at the beach area at Dhigu resort. The signature Maldivian coconut water, drinks and canapes were served. You got to sample a shoulder massage from a spa therapist, and meet other hotel guests and staff. During the event, I managed to take lovely photos of the sunset at the beach. You can see those photos on my Instagram profile: nadaalghowainim

You can also find other random photos from the Maldives trip on my IG profile. Let me share with you some photos from the restaurants at the resort.

Anantara Veli Restaurants:

  1. Baan Huraa: An authentic Thai restaurant with a magical setting. Baan Huraa is located over the ocean, with views of the Maldivian waters. While dining outdoors, you will be serenaded by the sounds of the waves from the surrounding waters. Dining here is more like a meditation session. Just sit back, relax and forget about the world.
  2. Origami: While staying at Dhigu, I dined here twice. I must say that Origami is my favorite restaurant at the resort. Chef Kimo from Egypt is highly talented and very friendly with the restaurant guests. The first time I dined at Origami, I tried the Japanese Teppanyaki experience. The dishes were very tasty and the experience was fun. Then, on my second visit to Origami, the Chef prepared a special menu for me. I must say that the salmon sushi rolls were something extraordinary that I’ve never tasted anything like. The rolls were so soft, the salmon very fresh and the flavors well-balanced together.
  3. Dhoni Bar: this is a cool spot for chilling before or after dinner. I was told that this bar serves great lunch dishes. And that the ambiance during lunch time is great. As guests can chill in the outdoor pool while having snacks at this bar.
  4. 73 Degrees: I went here on my last night at the resort. There was an authentic Maldivian cuisine buffet. As well as Maldivian style entertainment. Sadly, I arrived late to the restaurant and I missed the band. But, I must say that the buffet options were so good! everything from the salads, to the mains, to the live cooking stations, to the desserts was very well prepared and simply delicious. I also enjoyed listening to the Maldivian waiters explain to me about the different dishes. Photos from that evening and of me wearing a traditional Maldivian costume can be found on my Instagram. Here are some photos from those restaurants before I move on to Dhigu resort dining options.
Traditional Thai appetizers at Baan Huraa

Traditional Thai appetizers at Baan Huraa

Origami restaurant salmon sushi rolls

Origami restaurant salmon sushi rolls

Japanese cuisine at its best at Origami restaurant

Japanese cuisine at its best at Origami restaurant

anantara restaurants

Heavenly dessert selection at Origami

Monsoon rains at Origami Japanese restaurant

Monsoon rains at Origami Japanese restaurant

Dessert bites at Origami - my favorite restaurant at Anantara Maldives

Dessert bites at Origami – my favorite restaurant at Anantara Maldives

Anantara Dhigu Restaurants:

  1. Fushi Cafe: This is where the breakfast buffet is served every morning from 6:30 am to 10:30 am. I’ll be writing a separate post about the breakfast at Fushi Cafe. Because it was so good that it deserves a post on its own!
  2. Terrazzo: This is a cozy Italian restaurant located at the top floor of the same area as another restaurant. Not to be missed when dining at Terrazzo is the Tiramisu dessert. It’s nothing like your typical Italian Tiramisu cake. They serve it warm, in a pot and with a special twist to it. Must try! I had it twice. Once when dining at Terrazzo and the other time was then I dined at Sea, Fire, Salt.
  3. Sea, Fire, Salt. This is a seafood restaurant that prepares dishes a la Maldivian style. The fish was unbelievably fresh, soft and tasty! I never had seafood so fresh like at this Maldivian eatery. There’s a Maldivian Chef in-house. So ask him to prepare your seafood dish and you will be in for a wonderful surprise! Truly, heaven on earth!
  4. Aqua Bar: An airy, spacious, two-floor bar. This place serves food too.I tried a tuna quesadilla on my first day here. It wasn’t bad. The staff here are very bubbly, upbeat and cheerful. The venue is located by the spacious pool. So it’s a perfect spot for having a refreshing cocktail or mocktail while chilling at the pool. The top floor has huge comfy sofas. It’s a very cool place to hangout, play games, or watch sports. I wish I could’ve spent more time at Aqua bar, I was simply tight on time, and preferred to relax at the beach area instead. Hopefully, next time 🙂
  5. Dining by Design: I think this is a concept for a romantic dinner experience. Since I was traveling solo, I didn’t get to try it. But I’m sure it is worth checking out for couples who are visiting the resort.

Finally, the reception desk at Anantara Dhigu has a list of all the events and activities taking place at the resort. So, if you’re unsure which of the Anantara restaurants to visit on which day, just pass by and check the event listing.

And make sure that you keep the Maldivian dinner night free for just that. As it takes place once a week only.

Next post will be all about the breakfast at Fushi Cafe, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, you can also find other random photos from the Maldives trip on my IG profile.

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