Amalfi Town Italy: What you Should Know before Going There

If you missed my latest blog post, you can read it here. I reviewed Napoli’s best pizzeria.

If you asked me if I miss the Amalfi Coast, I’ll tell you honestly that I only miss Napoli. Although I stayed in Amalfi town, Sorrento and another coastal town (I’ll be sharing the story soon), Napoli is the only place that stole my heart.

Maybe if I visited outside the high season, I would have a different view. But next year, I plan to go back to Southern Italy and I can tell you that neither Amalfi or Sorrento are on my list.

Let me explain why. Because I visited the Amalfi Coast in July, it was the peak of the high season and all the towns were full of tourists.

When walking in Amalfi town, you can mostly hear English and not Italian. That’s because the town is full of American tourists and people from all over the world.

Another reason that I don’t suggest you visit in the high season is that it’s really hot and there’s no air-conditioning in Italian restaurants or cafes.

And there’s one more reason that I would never visit Amalfi Coast in the high season again. It was so crowded and busy everywhere that I decided against exploring the islands or nearby towns. So I spent an entire week in Amalfi town and I chose to not be overwhelmed by the queues at all sorts of places, especially Capri.

To be honest, I plan to explore some islands next year but I won’t be going to the touristy ones like Capri or Positano.

My personality is all about authentic and raw places and experiences. I can tell you that this vibe exists in Amalfi Coast but not in the popular, touristy towns.

What does Amalfi town feel like? Well, I felt like in a way, the town draws a pretentious crowd. Similar to the overall vibe in a city like Dubai. I say this with confidence because this is the type of crowd that I saw at the luxury hotel where I stayed in Amalfi.

The hotel and service was great. They even had a shuttle bus every thirty minutes that went back and forth to the main port and town center.

But the guests who choose to stay at the hotel are mostly the pretentious and Instagram-loving crowd.

OK, I will end my post about Amalfi town here because it sounds so negative. I’m grateful that I saw the famous town and landscape. But I know that I will not stay there again. I would love to explore the little-known towns and hop on a ferry to other non-touristy villages and towns.

Stay tuned for a blog post covering Sorrento coming next week. Hint: It’s as touristy as Amalfi town and there are no sandy beaches!

Have you visited Amalfi town? Did you like it? What did you do and explore there? Would you go back?


Amalfi coast


Amalfi Town Italy

Atrani in Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Town Italy

Hotel Santa Caterina


Solo birthday dinner in Amalfi


Amalfi Town Italy

Hotel Santa Caterina


Amalfi views



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