Wellness Wednesday: Abundance is Everywhere. Look Closely

While my previous Wellness Wednesday post was purely inspired by a conversation which I had with someone, today’s abundance wellness post idea comes from my own personal experience.

Detach from Outcomes

I attended a New Year’s Wellness retreat with My Chi Journey in 2016. I was told that abundance is not something you acquire, but something you tune into. One of the facilitators wrote this on a post-it note for me. I’ve had it on my fridge since then.

The wellness retreat was held at a lovely resort on a tranquil beach in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. We spent four days letting go of the baggage of the old year. We made space for new, magical things to enter our lives. On New Year’s Eve, we set our desired intentions for the new year with a blend of courage and doubt. We sent them out to the Universe by letting paper lanterns fly into the vast Sri Lankan skies.

My main intention for that year was to see my blog grow and thrive. The facilitators advised us not to attach to the outcome and to just trust in the Universe’s ways. So whether we get what we wished for, or didn’t shouldn’t be our end goal. We must trust that whichever outcome we get is in our best interest, despite how we feel about it.

What is Best Will Manifest

Fast forward to today, I can see that my brand and blog are going in the right direction. This doesn’t mean that I suddenly had a million blog or social media followers. It simply means that I evolved into more than just a lifestyle or travel blogger. I’m now a certified Life Coach and I will be offering my coaching services soon.

Basically, the outcome which is best is what will manifest.

At the time of the Sri Lanka New Year’s retreat, I was solely focused on blogging and writing. I didn’t have a different direction for my work. That’s why I wanted to increase the growth and popularity of my blog. While this is happening gradually, my bigger purpose – empowering others as a Life Coach – is making me realize why the lifestyle blog idea wasn’t becoming huge.

Evolution and Abundance

As I evolve, I realize what it means to trust in the process and know that better things are on their way.

I could have grown the blog as a documentation of lifestyle and travel only. However, then I wouldn’t have discovered my true life purpose which is helping and empowering others with my original Life Coaching services.

Which brings us to abundance. When you tune into the abundance that’s within you, you will start to recognize it everywhere you go. You’ll see abundance in nature, in others and you’ll experience more of it in every aspect of your life.

Let me share with you an easy tip to tune into the abundance within your soul: practice gratitude.

I am grateful for all the small and big things that I have in my life. This has led me to experience abundance everywhere I go and to see it in others too.

What are the ways in which you tune into your own abundance? Let me know in the comments!



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