Wellness Wednesday: Reduce your Anxiety with these Simple Tips!

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today’s post is inspired by the overall feel and energy surrounding most people these days.

I intentionally chose to skip writing Monday’s post to honor my body and step into the next level of my soul.

Basically, it was the second day of my cycle and I mostly get very heavy periods. In the past, I would push myself to get things done and act as if I’m 100% OK.

Of course this is not what any woman should do during that week. But because I was emotionally abused as a child, I continued to treat myself and body in the same way as my abuser. This is something that I’m still working on as I spent my entire life living this way and I’m turning forty this summer. So this change takes practice and time.

I’m so glad that I chose to take things easy on that day and decide to not write a blog post or visit the Emirates airlines office to change my tickets.

Now moving on to today’s topic. Let me first explain to you what anxiety is and why you feel worried.

The truth is that when you are anxious, this means that you are not living in the present moment.

When you are feeling sad, this means that you are living in the past.

When you are anxious, then you are living in the future – which doesn’t exist anyway.

What most people are doing these days is constantly following the news and social media. Obviously this will make anyone panic and feel like the world is going to end. That’s when you are no longer living in the present moment and you are just worried about what might happen in the future and thinking: “what if things go wrong?”

To overcome these unnecessary feelings of being overwhelmed and worried, you can choose to live in the present moment where everything is fine.

Are you healthy now? Do you have food to nourish your body? What about a roof on top of your head? Do you have access to food and medicine?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then there really is no point in worrying and thinking about the worst case scenario.

I was ten years old when the Gulf War happened. I still remember the sound of the sirens and the chaos we experienced.

The uncertainty went on for a few months and we even used duct tape around the windows of the house to protect us from any harmful gases. Those were actual war vibes. I was ten and living with two narcissistic and emotionally unavailable parents. And I survived.

The reason that I share this story is to say that challenging times are temporary. So instead of focusing on the negative side of things, look at the opportunities for you to grow and evolve.

I think I will make that the focus of Monday’s blog post.

For now, let me share with you a list of things that you can do to help you reduce your anxiety and worry:

  1. Silent or guided meditation. This truly is the most powerful way to reduce your anxiety and distress. Just ten minutes a day of silent meditation can help. That’s what I’ve been doing since I got back from Bali. Ten to fifteen minutes a day only!
  2. Feel your emotions instead of distracting yourself from them. I will talk about this more on Monday. But it’s basically sitting still and feeling the emotions in your body. The more you feel them, the faster they dissolve.
  3. Listen to meditation or healing music. This can be any mantra music or meditation music of your choice.
  4. When you are exposed to outside energies, as an empath you will absorb this. This can also be the collective energy. Try tapping on the area in your body where you feel aches and pains to release the negative energy.
  5. Express your creativity and emotions in the way that works for you best. Do this by dancing, singing, drawing, painting or writing.
  6. Practice gratitude. If you’ve already committed to a gratitude journal practice for at least three months, then you can continue feeling grateful for everything that you have in each moment.
  7. Go for long walks if you can. This depends on where you are in the world. As some countries now have strict rules against being out and about. If you still can, spending time outdoors (while practicing social distancing) can really help lift up your mood.
  8. Limit your exposure to the news and social media. This is the most important tip. The reason I’m so relaxed and chilled is that I don’t follow any news websites or social media posts. When I do come across posts in my feed, I can distance myself and see it from the perspective that the person is just panicking and I don’t allow it to affect me. The important news makes its way to me somehow. Because I’m very spiritual, I trust that the Universe will bring me the news that I need to know in each moment. For example, the new rule that came out in the UAE about staying indoors unless it’s something important. I somehow came across a tweet that shared that piece of information. So I don’t really need to follow the news or any specific social media account to stay informed. The important news will simply make its way to me. That’s the power of trusting and allowing.
  9. Focus on staying healthy and positive. Instead of focusing on the negative news and the possibility that you could get sick, focus on taking multi-vitamins, eating healthy food, nourishing your body and being grateful for the gift of life.
  10. Take salt baths or soak your feet in bath salts. Since I don’t have a bath tub, I can only soak my feet with the amazing salts the my friend Vanessa from Bali gifted me. I use these to clear the negative energy from my body.

I hope that you found these tips on how to reduce anxiety helpful and easy to follow!

Until the next post, stay positive and stay strong.


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