Wellness Wednesday: How to Install New, Healthy Habits into your Day

Happy first of July!

It’s a great time to set intentions and start doing things differently in your life.

Let me start by sharing what I plan on doing differently this month.

Since the beginning of the lockdown season, I’ve been going through all the various emotions like everyone else.

The past solstice New Moon period was one of the most intense ones.

I also experienced two water supply shutdowns in June, which lasted for one day each.

There were days when I felt so good and motivated to work on my business and days when I chose to relax and take things easy.

This change in my habits is part of me stepping into my authentic and true self.

To get a clear idea about this change and manifestation secret, you can read this blog post.

This new way of being and doing things is completely new for me. But it’s something that’s naturally unfolding as I get closer to living as a reflection of my soul essence.

I follow my feelings when deciding on what to do. Instead of just making myself do things – whether I feel like it or not – which entirely comes from my conditioning.

Apart from keeping this new way of being alive throughout this month and for the rest of my life, I’m setting the intention to be more active in this season.

Although I enjoy dancing and sometimes doing an online dance fitness class, I feel like I need to commit to a daily activity habit.

This is so important to release stagnant energy, to feel good and of course, to stay in good shape.

These days, I feel good thanks to my excellent vegan meal plan and my homemade food on weekends. But I also gained weight. It’s because I don’t go outside of my place for walks like I used to before the lockdown started.

Of course, I know that the lockdown is lifted, but I choose to wait until the weather cools down to go back to my long walks.

So in the meantime, committing to a cardio dance fitness session twice a week and then simple stretching, arm toning and light dance for the other days seems like a good idea.

Installing New Habits Starts with You

For you to add healthy habits to your routine, you have to start doing it even when you don’t feel like it. And then with time, it becomes a habit.

You might think that I’m now contradicting myself with these two different pieces of advice.

But there’s a difference. Firstly, I’m asking you to tune into your intuition and avoid just doing what your mind is telling you to do.

The second piece of advice is for starting new healthy habits, which you’re struggling to integrate into your daily routine.

So for example, if you’re not moving your body and being active every day, then you want to make yourself active – when you don’t necessarily feel like it – for this to eventually be a daily habit.

Once you start doing some activity and immediately feel good afterwards, it will become so easy for you to commit and install it into your routine.

It’s more important now than ever to move your body and release old energy for so many reasons.

First, because of the time that we’re in and the collective energy. Everyone is going through something, and this energy can get stuck in your body. Plus, you can also pick up the collective energy from the field, and this is mostly a negative one.

Then, there’s an upcoming Full Moon next in five days. It will be another intense and powerful time for all of us!

So, be prepared to do a ritual and shake off the old energy from your body.

I am taking things easy these days, mainly because that’s what my body is asking of me.

I’m still exploring ideas for the upcoming online course, so feel free to comment with your suggestions.

There will be new exciting blog posts coming to Saudi Diva soon too, so stay tuned!

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How to Install New Healthy Habits

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