Life Outside the Elite Saudi Bubble

If you read my story, you would know that I come from a very specific community in Saudi society. I was born and raised in Al Khobar, I went to an all-girls private Arabic school, we were privileged enough to travel during school holidays and just like everyone else in the cosmopolitan, coastal city, we would spend most weekends in Bahrain (shopping, watching commercial flicks at the cinema and dining out).

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With this highly exclusive, elite and privileged lifestyle came a very tight and comfortable bubble. We mainly socialized with others who were from the same community and background. Except for my own extended family members, I didn’t really know what the rest of Saudi society looked like or how they behaved.
We were so tightly connected to our own kind and living so far off from reality that we truly had no clue about the daily struggles of the average Saudi citizen. To give you a better idea, I was living in this rosy picture until I was 29 years old! That was when I decided to move from Saudi and explore the rest of the world as an ordinary person. No elite social status, no private driver and house maid army, no posh friends and definitely sans any support or guidance from any soul.
Was I happy with the raw, unstripped and true colors of the world and people outside of that fancy Saudi bubble? I must admit I have mixed feelings. For one, I’m extremely grateful and content that I made this bold move and stepped outside my comfort zone into the unknown. It’s an experience that I can never put a price tag on or even begin to describe. The life lessons that I’ve learned since moving out of home in the summer of 2009 are invaluable and have greatly shaped the person who I am today. I’m wiser, more street-smart, tougher, with a more rounded personality if you want.
The plethora of life experiences that I’ve had since moving out of Saudi and living completely on my own have made me a real Saudi Diva if that makes any sense. What I’m trying to say is that despite being a diva all along – with my exclusive background and all – I’ve actually developed a solid character which can be the center of a culture and lifestyle blog. I believe that I couldn’t have reached this phase if it weren’t for my leap of faith and for taking a bold step towards a completely different and new life.
Thanks to my big life-changing decision, I now have a renewed approach to life, an entirely fresh perspective on almost everything, a more evolved personality, a bigger vision, greater dreams and life goals, a sophisticated lifestyle and a tribe of followers who want to copy my every move J
After completing seven years of living in Dubai and networking with people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, I feel like I’m now ready to step back a little into my own comfortable bubble. This time though, the elements of the restricted access circle have changed. They are no longer based on financial or social status, or any of the standards that I used to identify with when I was living back home. The criteria for who can enter my life and social circle is now based on my personal values. These include: freedom, independence and autonomy as the top three. Surprisingly enough, I’ve already attracted many new friends who share those values and my single status too!
More about my renewed life outlook in a future post. Stay tuned for that.
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